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The Day of Sigma Title

The title screen

Script for the short OVA: The Day of Sigma , from the game Maverick Hunter X.

Scene 1: Gone Berserk

(The scene opens up over a panoramic view of Abel City as a dropship soars over the cityscape. A NAVIGATIONAL COMPUTER voice speaks.)

Nav Computer: Arriving at drop point in forty-five seconds.

[The voice of the Maverick Hunter Commander, Sigma, can be heard as he radios to X, who is aboard the dropship.]

Sigma: X, do you copy? Fire at will once the target is in range.

[The dropship arrives at the drop point.]

Nav Computer: Now arriving at drop point.

(The deployment bay opens up, and X drops out, plummeting toward the city below, and the scene fades to black.)


(The title screen for the anime episode is displayed, and the scene cuts back to the action as Sigma orders his men into action. Zero glances up at the speck in the sky that is X, as X hurtles downward. X aims his Buster and begins to charge up.)

X: Eyyaaaaahhh!!!

(X fires and his blast slams the rogue Mechaniloid to the ground. X fires off another short burst to correct his course, and drops to the ground.)

Sigma: Chill Penguin Company, commence operation!

Chill Penguin: Roger! I'll secure the area!

(Chill Penguin and his team run towards the downed Mechaniloid, but it rises up and to their shock, hasn't been damaged at all.)

Chill Penguin: What?! The thing's hardly damaged!

(The Mechaniloid raises its arm and starts to punch downwards.)

Chill Penguin: Here it comes--!

(Chill Penguin and his company leap backwards just in time.)

Chill Penguin: .... Ah! Stop that thing!

Sigma: Zero, do you have a fix on the main generator?

(The scene cuts to Zero, who barely dodges a furious attack from the Mechaniloid.)

Zero: It's no good! This thing's too fast! I can't get close!

(The Mechaniloid grabs one of Zero's teammates and hurls him into a group of other Hunters.)

Chill Penguin: Take this!

(Chill Penguin breathes ice at the Mechaniloid and freezes it to the ground, as more Hunters shoot wires that bind it in place. Despite this, the Mechaniloid starts to break free.)

Chill Penguin: ... It's so strong!

(X races around from a corner.)

X: Commander, that thing's way more powerful than we thought! I'll go back 'em up!

(As X approaches, the Mechaniloid arms a laser and sprays it all over the area. The Hunters, Chill Penguin, and Sigma barely evade the attack. Sigma glares down at the Mechaniloid from atop a tower as the Mechaniloid fully breaks free.)

Chill Penguin: Whaa--?

(The Mechaniloid lunges out and grabs one of the HUNTERS in Chill Penguin's group.)

Hunter: He- ... Help! Help me!

[X arrives on the scene and launches multiple blasts at the Mechaniloid, but they deflect off. The Mechaniloid stalks forward as the HUNTERS leap backwards.]

Zero: I won't let you push my friends around like that!!

(Zero flies through the air and fires a blast which damages part of the Mechaniloid's leg mechanism, but the damage doesn't slow the robot down any.)

Chill Penguin: Hit the generator!

(X hesitates as he cannot get a clear shot without finding his comrade in the line of fire. As he tries to get a clear shot, their comrade cries out again for help.)

Hunter: Help... me! Augh!

(Chill Penguin only grows more agitated at X's hesitation.)

Chill Penguin: The generator, X! Shoot the generator!

Hunter: Augh... aghh!

Chill Penguin: X! Hurry!

(X continues to hesitate, and finally Sigma leaps in front of X and slashes at the Mechaniloid's generator with his beam saber. Unfortunately, their comrade's arm is severed as well. The Mechaniloid is completely shut down, and crashes to the ground. All of the other Hunters, including X and Zero, stand down and survey the damage.)

Hunter #2: Phew!

(Zero sighs in relief, as the scene cuts to Sigma walking away.)

Hunter #3: Is the relief party coming?

Hunter #4: Casualties confirmed! Prepare a full retreat!

Hunter #3: Be sure to disarm all combatants!

(The scene fades out, then cuts to an ambulance siren as recovery teams arrive on the scene. X walks glumly past, as Chill Penguin stops him.)

Chill Penguin: X! Why didn't you shoot?!

[X lowers his head.]

X: Chill Penguin, I... I...

Chill Penguin: Do you have any idea how many casualties there would have been if the commander hadn't taken that thing out when he did?!

(The injured Hunter interrupts the conversation.)

Hunter: X, it was my fault I let that Mechaniloid get a hold of me. I'm just glad the commander was able to get me out of that mess.

(The Hunter is carried off to an ambulance, and X glances up to see Sigma speaking to another Maverick Hunter.)

Hunter #5: Yes, sir. Understood!

(The Hunter runs off, and Sigma turns to look at X. He approaches him as Chill Penguin scampers off.)

Sigma: X...

X: Yes, Commander Sigma, sir?

Sigma: Your aiming capabilities are no different than my own. You could have easily hit the generator. You are aware that there was only a small chance that our compatriot would have been hit by the blast, correct?

X: Yes, Commander... I...

Sigma: Listen well, X. There are times when we Maverick Hunters cannot afford to hesitate in pulling the trigger. We must become both sword and shield for those who cannot protect themselves: that is our sworn duty. Never forget that!

(Sigma walks past X.)

X: Commander Sigma...

(Sigma speaks to a group of assembled Hunters.)

Sigma: Commence retreat once casualties have been assessed!

Hunters: Yes, sir!

(Sigma walks off, and Zero approaches X and offers a sympathetic smile. The scene then fades out.)

Scene 2: Hunter Base

Scene 3: Investigation

Scene 4: Missile Base


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