The Gauntlet Part II is the fifty-second and final episode of the Mega Man: Fully Charged cartoon series. It aired on Cartoon Network on May 23, 2019


As Dr. Light and Suna (along with Blasto Woman, who has turned against Lord Obsidian) defeat the Robot Masters, Mega Man defeats Lord Obsidian, who turns out to be Sgt. Night, and discovers that Namagem is actually his long lost twin brother.


Major Events

  • Blasto Woman reforms thanks to Mega Mini.
  • Namagem's backstory and true form are revealed.
  • Mega Man learns that Lord Obsidian is actually Sergeant Night.
  • Mega Man (temporarily) gets a new look for his nanocore armor (which is similar to the design of Namagem's armor).
  • Namagem turns against Sergeant Night, swears revenge on Mega Man, and escapes.


Despite Mark Oliver being listed in the credits, Wood Man doesn't appear in this episode.

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