The Great Curry Battle, known as A Splendid Curry Battle! (華麗なるカレーバトル! Kareinaru Karē Batoru!) in Japan, is the 31st episode in the first season of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. In the English dub, it is the 47th episode.


As he enjoys the final days of his World Tour Prize, Lan finds himself in Namasty, the country famous for the greatest curry on the globe. Meanwhile Yahoot has assembled the former World Three members to trap Lan into a NetBattle, claiming that Lan's defeat will be a new beginning for the evil organization, but Yahoot has his own secret crazy curry cooking scheme! Lan is lured into Yahoot's lair by his obsessive love of curry, where Yahoot unleashes his terrible team on Lan and MegaMan. It's gonna take a whole lotta teamwork to get Lan out of this soup, but will the gang get there in time?[1]




The screen crawl from the start of the original Japaneses verison.

  • The original Japanese version of this episode starts with a screen crawl with a space backdrop, in reference to the Star Wars franchise.