The Legendary Program Advance, known as Intensive Training! Program Advance! (特訓! プログラムアドバンス!) in Japan, is episode 15 (12 in the English dub) of the anime MegaMan NT Warrior. Its first broadcast was on June 17, 2002.


After his brutal battle with Chaud, Lan knows that the only way MegaMan will ever have a chance against ProtoMan is to master the legendary Program Advance technique. Lan recruits Dex to help him as they launch into an impromptu, intensive training course. Meanwhile, WhaleMan and SharkMan are going at it in the main Dome. To give Lan more training time before his upcoming match, Commander Beef holds out until the last possible second before unleashing SharkMan's devastating offense. Lan still can't seem to get it right, but the show must go on. In a ferocious fight with Yahoot and MagicMan, Lan tries the Program Advance once more, this time with better results. He wins the match, but just barely. Chaud and ProtoMan are up next against Count Zap and ElecMan. The World Three nasties pull a cheap trick, but Chaud and ProtoMan tap into the full power of the Program Advance and delete the cheaters from the competition![1]



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