The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, known as Tron ni Kobun: Rockman DASH Series (トロンにコブン ロックマンDASHシリーズ Toron ni Kobun Rokkuman Dasshu Shirīzu) in Japan, is a spin-off game to the Mega Man Legends series for PlayStation starring the pirate Tron Bonne, released on July 22, 1999, in Japan and May 5, 2000, in North America. The game takes place before the events of Mega Man Legends.


  • Tron Bonne: The heroine of the story and antagonist of the Mega Man Legends series. Tron's brother often leaves her out of the decisions, not allowing her to follow him to missions. When Teisel is captured, Tron takes it on herself to succeed.
  • Teisel Bonne: Tron's older brother. Teisel borrows an absurdly large amount of money from Loath and is captured at the beginning of the game by Glyde. He is not seen until towards the end of the game again.
  • Bon Bonne: The younger brother of the siblings, Bon follows Teisel in to the desert and gets his robotic head blown off. He is also not seen again until the end of the game.
  • Servbots: A main center point of the game, Servbots do everything from cleaning to fighting. Servbots follow Tron around in the game, and one even pilots the Gustaff by himself at one point.
  • Glyde: Loath's Right hand man, Glyde's Birdbots make annoying appearances in almost every cutscene, and Glyde himself makes sure to keep Tron from reaching her brother.
  • Lex Loath: The main antagonist of the game, Loath keeps Tron and Teisel in never ending debt by compounding insane amounts of interest to their loan.
  • Dantz: A digger that makes an appearance in the RPG level, he is a bit thickheaded, but is an honest person.
  • Perl: A female digger who seems to have a rather sneaky attitude, she is also found in the first RPG stage and is an important character.
  • Denise: A police woman who has very low self-esteem (and appears to still live with her mother). She tries to capture Tron in all of the bank missions.
  • Digg: An old digger whose exploits are chronicled in writing on the walls. He plays a large part in the side story during the RPG missions.


The game centers around the use of the "Gustaff" for the most part, but another machine called the "Finkel" is also used, and the majority of the story cannot be played without using the Servbots. The game is split into several gameplay sections:


Action stages have either Teisel, Tron or a Servbot controlling the Gustaff in a stage reminiscent of the other Mega Man Legends titles. The Gustaff will be followed by six Servbots which can be told to do things like go into a hole, raid a home, distract or attack enemies, or grab objects that the Gustaff cannot reach.

Each stage will place Tron at a starting point. The missions can either require Tron to gather a certain number of items, reach a specific location, or (as in the first bank mission) do as much damage as possible within a time limit. Once the goal has been reached, the player will be attacked by a boss. Denise is always the boss in the Bank missions, whereas the boss differs in the other stages from reaverbots to robots built by Loath. Like any MegaMan game, the goal of the boss is to drain its health meter.

The Gustaff can use one of three weapons for these missions, either a Search Cannon which has power, fire rate, and bullet amount determined entirely by the stats of the Servbot piloting the robot, a machine gun which fires much faster than the search cannon but with less power, and a bazooka which is slower than either weapon, but is much stronger, and a single explosion can hit multiple times.

The action stages are:

  • First Mission (Nakkai Desert)
  • Mission 4: Ruins (Nakkai Ruins)
  • Mission 1: Bank (Gold City)
  • Mission 5: Farm (Sart Farm)
  • Last Mission (Loath's dungeon)
  • Last Battle (Colossus)


The puzzle stages outfit the Gustaff with a pair of treads and remove weapons entirely, but also remove all enemies. The Gustaff is accompanied by a single Servbot. The Servbot accompanying the Gustaff can be told to operate cranes or forklifts (if either one is present), and will give puzzle hints to Tron on the solution of the puzzle. The higher the Servbots "Brain" rating, the better the hints are. If the rating is too low, the Servbot may give hints such as "Ummm... What are we trying to do again?". Since there is no goal destination like action stages, puzzle stages are finished when Tron has successfully hijacked every green container on the dock within her specified number of moves.

Tron's Gustaff can move anywhere she wants and can jump over crates, but has limitations.

  1. The Gustaff is given a certain number of times it can pick up crates; therefore if it is ten, only ten can be picked up, and putting it back down then picking it back up counts as two lifts.
  2. Wooden crates can be moved anywhere, green and red crates can only be moved ten spaces before they must be placed down and black crates cannot be moved any distance; they can only be picked up and placed down in a nearby square.
  3. If Tron runs out of moves, she must restart the map.

There are three missions for each puzzle stage, and three puzzles within each mission, for a grand total of 18 puzzles. These stages contain puzzles:

  • Mission 2: Containers (Teche Harbor)
  • Mission 6: Containers 2 (Primiki Harbor)


The RPG stages are played by controlling a small remote controlled robot called the Finkel, which has no attacks except for a weak tackle. Three Servbots follow the Finkel and do the majority of the work, as the Finkel cannot hit switches, open doors, or operate chests or keys; therefore beacon bombs play a much bigger part than either of the other two game styles. There are enemies in this mode, but very few compared to action stages. The major difference between this mode and others is the interaction with other characters, as several sets of diggers are found in the mine looking for the Aurora Stones, which is Tron's overall goal as well. The story is heavy in dialogue and requires interaction with characters to proceed the majority of the time. At the end of each stage, there is a boss character just like Denise for the "Bank" missions or the random robots from the "Farm" missions. There is only one stage for RPG, but three missions.


The casino is a bonus mission where the player can play two mini-games: "Bingo" and "High and Low", with High and Low being available after obtaining one million Zenny. When the player talks with Servbot #17 in Tron's Room, he will ask if she wants to rest, but she will only do so if one Servbot was chosen as the favorite with the Red Head Parts, leaving him in charge for a while. The favorite will go to Loath's casino to obtain money for her.

  • Mission ?: Casino (Casino Town Nukky)


The intro cutscene shows Teisel Bonne addressing the Servbots happily over the completion of their new ship, the Gesellschaft. He compliments Tron, who makes an entrance and thanks Teisel, stating it was easy to build with all the money they had gotten from Teisel (although Teisel has not told them where he has gotten it). Teisel states he knows a way to pay off the ship by getting "Diana's Tear", a refractor Tron quickly recognizes as one of the largest in the world. Tron asks how he got such information, to which Teisel replies teary eyed that it wasn't cheap. Teisel prepares to leave with his squad, and Tron realizes she's going to be left behind on the Gesellschaft. After a small argument, Teisel convinces Tron to stay aboard, and heads for the ruins.

The game story begins as Tron's older brother Teisel is piloting a robot called the "Gustaff" through a desert while complaining about being swindled over a fake treasure map. Bon Bonne tells Teisel he has located a doorway, and Teisel takes off immediately to find it. Upon reaching Bon and the doorway, Teisel contacts the Gesellschaft, the piloting mothership for the pirates. Teisel talks to Tron for a moment, noting that she made the Gustaff, but he is attacked quickly afterwards, Bon's head being broken off. He looks to see a man (Glyde) who states he's been looking for Teisel, and that he works for Lex Loath. Teisel attempts to reasons with him, telling him he'll have the money ready, but Glyde states it is long past, and commences a battle with Teisel. Tron asks what is going on, but Teisel tells her little details beyond that he'll be fine. He attacks Glyde, who responds by arming his bird-like fighter. After being beaten, Glyde compliments Teisel, but suddenly flies into the air and barrels down on Teisel, firing a laser on him disarming Teisel; kidnapping Teisel and Bon.

Tron tries to figure out what happened, and heads to the last location in a battleship called "Drache", where she finds her Servbots who tell her that her brothers have been kidnapped. The Servbots also tell Tron about the debt to Loath, but Tron doesn't know anything about any debt, assuming Teisel withheld the information for a reason. After some time, and searching, the Servbots return to Tron with a receipt for 1,000,000 Zenny. Tron puts it together that the money must have been used to make the Gesellschaft, not being told by her brother that he had taken money from Loath. At this point, Tron decides to get ready to pay off the money owed to Loath.

The game has several side-stories in the game events, all of which can be played in any order.


Bank heist.

Level 1:
Tron and her Servbots land outside what they assume is the bank, and quickly blow the doors open and rush in, only to realize it is a veterinary clinic. Quite frustrated, Tron yells at the Servbots, then decides there is no point in going back empty handed, and begins looting the immediate area (as the bank is too far away to reach at the moment), and soon the local police arrive. Before Tron can jump ship, another police officer (Denise) shows up complaining about how late she is. She turns on a loudspeaker and threatens Tron to surrender. Tron mocks Denise about being late to the party, and Denise becomes flustered, deciding to use force. After being defeated, Tron mocks the ash-covered Denise further. Denise tells her she's not done, but Tron leaves regardless, having obtained her money. Denise tells her that she'll get her next time.

Level 2:
Tron and her Servbots land once again outside the clinic. Overly annoyed this time, she tells her Servbots they will be punished, and this time they're going to hike to the Bank through the police regardless of the danger. On the way there, a small scene ensues as a bridge collapses, and the Servbots are commanded to make a bridge for the Gustaff to climb up. The Servbots drive a truck into the destroyed bridge which can be used as a platform.

Upon reaching the bank, Denise confronts Tron yet again, this time talking about special training that allows her to, in this battle, grab the arm of the large mech Gustaff and throw it. Tron is unimpressed and still mocks Denise about being on time this time, and the battle starts.

After the battle, the Servbots pelt the bank, breaking it down revealing a massive safe. Opening it shows two large shelves of bullion, and Tron orders the Servbots to get the bullion. Tron asks if Denise can do any better, and tells her to give up. Denise agrees, talking about how she can't do anything right. Tron states how she will try this again. Denise continues about how she can't do anything right, and Tron takes pity on the woman, telling her it can only get better. Denise watches them leave, then agrees hesitantly.

Level 3:
Tron and the Servbots land near the bank this time, but the bridge is destroyed. Tron decides to walk around the long way. Once the bank is reached, Denise arrives again, this time riding her own mech. Tron continues to make fun of Denise, and Denise states she got special permission to get the robot. Denise also realizes she'll be in a lot of trouble if she messes up this time. The mech is destroyed and Tron's Servbots take the treasure again, this time double the bullion. Tron admits she feels kind of sorry for Denise at this point, and asks Denise what will happen when her superior finds out. Denise gets a radio call from her captain, and the radio call sounds extremely negative for Denise, as Denise asks if the captain will reconsider her decision. Tron tells her she's too busy with her own problems, and good luck to Denise, leaving Denise covered in soot on the ground in front of the bank.



Level 1:
Tron uses a special machine called "The Finkel" (a large flying robot that is radio controlled) for these missions. She takes three Servbots with her into a cave, and the goal she's after is treasure underground.

Tron and the Servbots banter at the beginning, before telling them they're going to descend into the mine. A few feet into the mine, a digger is spotted, and the Servbots introduce themselves. The digger asks if they're looking for the Aurora stones, and he's not sure where they are. He says that the four of them can look together. Tron remarks he looks really undependable. He states his name is Dantz, and the Servbots state their names ("which is Servbots"). Dantz (along with all other diggers), seems to be unable to hear Tron or notice the Finkel.

As they continue in, the party notices a cave in the area, and Tron recommends some kind of drill. Dantz suggests dynamite, to which Tron immediately tells the Servbots to stop him before he brings the cave down. Dantz is saddened by being unable to use his dynamite, but Tron states she'll make something for the Servbots to use that can tunnel through the rock.

Further in they find a trap, to which Dantz says to disarm a trap, they must hit a switch. Dantz says he'll stop the trap (which is a pendulum rapidly going back and forth with a large metallic head for a pendulum head). Running in, he's thrown back, and flips across the ground. He then recommends the Servbots try instead. Tron reinstates the fact that she thought he was no good. Tron tells the Servbots to time a run, and the Servbots freak out, afraid of being hurt, to which Tron tells them to stop whining and do it. The Servbots do deactivate the trap. Afterwards, Dantz congratulates them, and Tron states it's going to be a long day.

Further into the mine, they meet a gruff woman who tells the Servbots to back off because she's irritated with a trap. The Servbots recommend hitting a switch, and the large woman, insulted, threatens the Servbots who quickly retract their statement. Tron remarks to stay on her good side. The woman once again tells the Servbots to leave her alone. Returning to the woman after grabbing the key on the other side of the trap, she asks what was there. She seems surprised, and compliments the Servbots who agree to give her the key (to which Tron yells at them). The woman says they're a little strange, and happily agrees to get the next one she finds, leaving the Servbots be. She then tells the Servbots her name's Maude. Unlike Dantz, Maude does not follow the Servbots.

On a wall deeper in the mine is a piece of writing from a man named "Dig". The wall tells the Servbots that there's an elixir of youth, and that one of the Aurora Stones is in the room. The Servbots get one after reading it, and Dantz is absolutely amazed by the writing. Dantz gets his own and decides to find the others with the Servbots. Tron remarks that he'll probably need their help.

Near the last room, the Servbots, Dantz, and Tron are found by another woman, who greets them with unusually nice banter. She states her name is Perl, and asks if they're looking for the Aurora Stones. Tron states she seems kind of suspicious. Perl mentions one's probably in the room, and Dantz runs ahead to get it. He then returns quickly, stating there's a large Reaverbot in the room. Perl tells them that's what she was going to say, and Tron remarks that Dantz really is dumb. The Servbots don't want to go, but Tron forces them to push ahead (players of Mega Man Legends will recognize the enemy as the first boss of the game, but with two arms like the one in the underground tunnels).

After beating the enemy, a jewel falls from the air, which the Servbots catch. Tron remarks that it must be expensive. Perl asks if she can hold it, which the Servbots almost agree to, but Tron yells at them. When denied, Perl mutters quietly that she almost had it. Dantz congratulates them, and Tron speaks a word about Dantz mockingly again, then tells the Servbots to return to the Gesellschaft.

Level 2:
Tron gets ready to test her drilling machine which is being piloted by one of the Servbots. As they enter the tunnel, Tron remarks things will probably get a bit more tricky.

The group finds a boy named Zhag who asks if they've found anything important yet, and tells them there's something in the hole near him. Tron tells the Servbots to thank him for his tips. Further in the mine, the group meet Zhag's twin brother Zhig, who tells them that they can dig into the wall behind him. Tron agrees, and the group goes into the wall, only to get attacked by an ambush of Reaverbots. Even further in, Tron and the group run into Birdbots, Glyde's servants. Tron wonders what Loath is doing in the mine, and the Servbots suggest running, but the Birdbot attacks.

Upon entering a room, the Servbots ask a woman if somethings wrong, and she responds she was trapped. The Servbots are elated they could help, and the woman hands them a gate key, to which Tron responds it's good to help people when they're in trouble (despite being a villain herself). The woman states her name is Roxette. Past Roxette further in, Digg has written more on the wall, and Tron realizes from his writing he doesn't really know much about the elixir. She wonders if the elixir is worth all the trouble, but takes the crystal anyways.

The Servbots find a man near a lake, and ask him if he's waiting for something. He responds with a philosophical "we all wait for something", and Tron realizes this guy is odd. He states his name is Tuttle, and that the lake near him is a trap. Tron tells the Servbots to just ignore the eccentric man. Past Tuttle is the twins, who are both waiting to quiz Tron. Upon correct answers, they open gates, for Tron and her Servbots. Once the door with the switch is opened, returning to the lake shows a stunned and utterly bewildered Tuttle looking at a treasure chest sitting on a lake, to which he says "... I can't swim!"

Returning to the boss door, Tron and her Servbots enter, to see a massive horde of Reaverbots controlled by a central Reaverbot. Upon defeat, the Servbots are rewarded with yet another Aurora Stone. The Servbots remark that all they need now is one more, which Tron seems happy to hear.

Level 3:
Tron tells them to get the last one. One of the Servbots asks if that means it's the biggest, to which Tron seems certain it is. Maude appears early, who seems slightly happy to see the Servbots, and says she'll be sure to get the treasure this time. She also states it seems there's a lot of traps on this floor.

Shortly after, Tron sees a person resembling Uncle Digg, and sure enough it is. The Servbots ask, and he says he sure is, asking if they've been collecting the crystals. The player can respond either yes or no to him asking if they've been collecting the crystals. If answering yes, he says that's the spirit, and talks about digger values. If answering no, he seems dejected, but also agrees everyone can do as they please.

Just a few feet from Uncle Digg are Perl and Dantz who appear to be working together. Dantz seems happy to see them, as does Perl. Tron wonders how they ended up together. Dantz laughs when the Servbots ask if they're together. Perl mutters under her breath of course not, that Dantz is a fool, and then asks for help past a trap. Dantz is sure there's a switch to open the small trap nearby. Pressing the switch results in a loud explosion, and when returning to Dantz and Perl, reveals a hurt Dantz (but not beyond repair) and a broken wall. Despite his face, he's happy the wall's open, and tells the Servbots to go ahead.

Further in are several more Birdbots, which spark a battle, as the Birdbots demand the Servbots give it their best shot. Past the Birdbots, a man with an armor-looking body similar to Mega Man and Glyde is standing near a stone. He states his name is Russell, and Tron notes he looks like a veteran digger. He warns the Servbots that there are more traps ahead, and the Servbots heed the warning.

Again Uncle Digg is ahead of them, telling them there's a crystal to the elixir of youth in the area. Past Uncle Digg they meet up with yet another old face, Roxette. She states she cannot get the door open, and Tron notes she's not one to talk much. The Servbots, being small, crawl under the door and press the switch to open it. Roxette thanks the Servbots for opening the door. Russell is further in, standing next to a zipline. He was able to get the handles down, but is too heavy for the zipline, and ask the Servbots for help.

Shooting it with a beacon bomb sends a Servbot across, and as soon as the bridge reaches up, Perl comes racing across holding something, with Dantz yelling at her that it's his. Tron, confused, decide to follow them. Russell states that they have the gate key on them. Following after the duo, the Servbots run into Maude again, who says they could dig through the wall near her, and feels she's close to the last stone, but the wall is too dense.

Farther from Maude is yet another one of Uncle Digg's tips. The wall says he has them all and that he should be able to make the elixir, but doesn't know how. Tron notices the skeleton of a man who looks like Digg, but the Servbots wonder how when they've just talked to Digg, which makes Tron wonder who that skeleton belongs to.

Finding a card key near the skeleton and backtracking, Tron and the Servbots find another drill capable of slicing through tougher rock. Breaking through the rock, Dantz is freaking out on the other side, and announces that Perl is in trouble. Dantz asks for their help, and Tron agrees with reluctance. Dantz tells them that she's in the room nearby.

Once in the room, the Birdbots mock the Servbots as Perl screams for help. Tron tells the Servbots to attack the Birdbots, despite them not wanting to out of cowardice. The last Birdbot is defeated by Dantz with a flying kick. Perl, shaken up, is asked if she's okay by Dantz, and the Servbots tell him they were impressed. Perl is also surprised he did that, and Dantz acts proud. Perl thanks Dantz, and hands over the room key to the Servbots as thanks, apologizing for her behavior. She says she's learned her lesson, and will stop conning people. Dantz of course, thanks the Servbots for their help. Outside the room, Russell says Dantz can now proudly join the rank of Diggers.

Locating a pool of water the crystals begin making noise, and the Servbot puts them in the water. He mentions that the water changed color, but Tron tells them not to drink it, as it could be dangerous, but he drinks it anyways. The Servbot feels very off, and Tron realizes the elixir is root beer. Roxette thanks them for solving the mystery, and that Digg can move on. Digg's ghost appears, thanking them for finding the secret, as he had to know, but now he is fulfilled and can leave peacefully. Tron is caught off guard, and the Servbots freak when they realize Digg was but a ghost. Roxette reveals afterwards she was Digg's assistant, and says she knew he was getting old, but he wouldn't listen. She says nothing more about it.

Nearing the exit, Tuttle becomes philosophical again, and looks into the room. He asks if they're going that way, but Tron says to ignore him. Tuttle says he will show them how to pass the room, and runs in; getting hit by a steel ball, slammed by a rock, and running onto a fire trap, upon which he drops to the ground and rolls the rest of the way across the room while aflame. Once the Servbots make it past the room, they see Tuttle sitting before the door with his once again bewildered expression, saying "... I don't have the room key!"

The boss is a massive flower-like machine that requires the Servbots to jump inside. Upon defeat, the final stone appears, and lowers down to the hands of the Servbots. Tron is excited, and Russell compliments the Servbots, upon which Tron compliments the Servbots as well, telling them they're the best digger's ever. Russell says they are full fledged diggers. Tron tells them to get back to the ship, and the story ends.

Containers 1 and 2

Teche Harbor

None of the harbor missions hold any story-line other than Tron is attempting to steal cargo before its loaded onto the barge. Your machine is given a number of moves, and is played in a puzzle format with no time limit. You must collect all the green containers loaded with everything from fruit to jewelry. The red containers are extra additions that earn extra points.


Sart Farm

Level 1:
The Servbots notice the animals, and begin asking childish questions, upon which Tron (fully aware Loath owns the ranch) tells them to stop and wait. A truck drives up with a Servbot inside, and Tron demands they steal all the pigs on the farm. Grabbing all the pigs results in a large pink mech attacking Tron, but Tron exclaims she will not let it get in her way, and a battle begins. After the mechs are destroyed, a Birdbot is fluttering around from the wreckage, and Tron notes he must have come to stop Tron. She says they have all the pigs, so there's little point in taking the Birdbot, and the Servbots leave happily.

Level 2:
The Servbots start the stage happy to see the pigs, but seem slightly dejected that they cannot find the cows. They ask Tron if they should find the cows, to which Tron agrees with a hearty yes, and the Servbots prepare to find them. Upon collecting all the cows, a Servbots counts them all childishly and explains they are done; Tron orders they retreat, only to be cut off by an odd robot with a fish-shaped head. Tron quickly realizes it's after the truck, and orders the Servbots on foot to aid her in a distraction. When the robot is defeated, the mission clears, and Tron orders everyone to head back home.

Level 3:
Tron remarks about how beautiful the horses look, telling the Servbots to gather them all, stating the horses will fetch a nice price. After they are all obtained, Tron tells them to escape with her, only to be once again attacked by the same fish robot from before. Tron states they might as well get it over with, and battle commences. The robot this time is accompanied by two pink robots. Tron states Mission complete after the battle, and orders everyone back to the Gesellschaft.


Nakkai Ruins

The ruins stage holds no storyline to it, Tron and the Servbots simply enter the ruins that Teisel was intending to adventure in, but there is no story. Tron and the Servbots search the ruins for Diana's Tear, and find it in the clutches of a massive Reaverbot bathing in a pool (which is the strongest and hardest Reaverbot in the game). Defeating the Reaverbot drops the infamous gem much to Tron's excitement.

Main Story

There are set storylines that happen after obtaining the money.

Tron, after getting the million zenny, prepares to go to Loath, and thanks her Servbots. She rushes over to Loath's palace. The Servbots compliment Loath's ship, accidentally insulting theirs, to which Tron tells them to be quiet. Lex Loath comes into the room, and is surprised to see Tron. Tron says she's there for her brothers, and hands him the money. Loath laughs, and says Tron understands the world (referring to the fact that Tron understands money must be paid). Loath counts the money, and says it's short. Tron reassures there's a million. Loath agrees, but says the interest on the loan is another 2 million. Tron is flabbergasted, and tells him he can't get away with it. Loath says she's lucky the interest is that low, and she should go get the money. Glyde comes in at the command of Loath, and removes Tron by force, grabbing her arm and taking her out of the room. The Birdbots do the same to the Servbots. Loath notes she's more interesting than she looks, but says he can't let her brother return, not "at such a critical stage". Glyde promises he will be sure that Loath will not be let down. Tron, back at her ship, is angry with Loath, and notes that she might as well go get the money, since she can't find her brother's location. She tells the Servbots to tell her the new missions, and that if they're not worth it, they're all in trouble.

Another 2,000,000z
Tron states she has all the money ready, and asks if the Servbots have found Loath. The Servbots say no, but the Servbots say they have found a supposed location for Loath. Tron orders everyone to head there, and congratulates them on a job well done for locating Loath. The Servbots go back and forth about how happy they are that Tron complimented them.

At Loath's palace, Loath asks some simple "how do you do" questions, and then demands the money. Tron throws the money to Loath, and demands her brothers. Loath once again states she owes more interest. Tron remarks how low Loath is, and the Servbots complain. Loath takes offense to it, and talks about his business, then states he will take Tron to jail. Glyde comes in and takes Tron by the arm to the prison hold, the Birdbots squawking at the group. Glyde talks to Loath, who states Tron will make a good worker as Glyde reveals his plan, stating Loath is a genius by tricking talented diggers into never ending debt. Loath asks Glyde if he's ready, and Glyde says "it" is almost complete.

The scene switches to Tron and the Servbots who are in jail. Tron states her plan, while Teisel, in the next room, trying to compose a letter, yells at her to stop, not realizing Tron is the one he yelled at. Tron recognizes the voice, and yells to Teisel. Teisel, still tells them to shut up. It then occurs to him it's Tron's voice, claiming he must be hearing things. Tron asks Teisel what he's doing, and Teisel realizes she's for real. Teisel becomes emotional realizing Tron came to save him. He asks the plan, only to have Tron say she got captured too. Teisel apologizes for the whole mess, stating he's a terrible brother. Tron asks what he's doing, and Teisel tells her the story of a giant ancient treasure known as the Colossus and when awakened the user could conquer the planet. The Colossus is real, and the refractor for it is found in the mine they are trapped in. To get it, Loath has been kidnapping diggers to perform the work. Tron says it could only be a giant Reaverbot, but Teisel assures her the refractor was real, as he dug it up himself, so it may be a true story.

Both of them exchange angry comments about Loath, and Tron states they should get started on an escape. Tron contacts the Gesellschaft. The Servbots on board hear the message, and reply quickly to do chores. She says she found Teisel, telling them to get ready to help with "Plan 0024". The Servbots stand confused, and state that means one of them is supposed to pilot the robot. The Servbots go back and forth about who will pilot it. They see the Servbot with the red head parts, and he volunteers for the mission. The others gleefully agree on the idea.

Aboard Loath's ship
The player controls a Servbot piloting the Gustaff at this point. Once Tron's room is reached, the Servbots greet her happily, and the Servbots thank her happily for thanking them. Teisel wants to escape immediately, but Tron says that they're going to steal everything from Loath first. Teisel happily agrees with a maniacal laugh.

Upon entering the Colossus room, the group, squeezed inside the Gustaff, look at the Colossus. Tron and Teisel look at the massive size of the Colossus, wondering how to get it out undetected. Glyde comes down, and spouts a few condescending words, and says now that they have the Colossus, they are useless to him. Teisel says they're not going quietly, and Tron affirms it. Teisel then asks to drive, and Tron refuses. The battle starts.

After Glyde's defeat, Tron looks surprised. Glyde laughs, and compliments Tron on how well she can fight, but says the real fight is just beginning. Glyde activates his machine further, and Teisel and Tron worry, only to have Bon fly down from the ceiling, body slamming Glyde's machine into submission. The two compliment Bon, and Glyde says it isn't the end. Glyde and his Birdbots run, as Glyde trips on the floor. Teisel says they haven't given up, and tells Bon to get back to the Gesellschaft. The Colossus shines, and activates. Teisel comically screams "it's alive", and then states it's not going to be easy. Loath states Glyde bought him time to activate it, and starts the machine. Loath says that play time is over, and the battle begins. Loath comments he will conquer the world, and laughs. Teisel says they have to escape before the building collapses on them. Tron beats a retreat with a screaming Teisel, and the ceiling collapses.

Colossus Fight

Colossus Fight
Focus switches back to the Gesellschaft. Teisel demands all weapons to be readied, and Tron orders them to fire. The Colossus is pelted with missiles, but Loath says they have to do better, and it's his turn. A single bullet damages the Gesellschaft, slamming Tron's head into a wall, and throwing Teisel out of the main window. The engine room reports that they've lost 50% power, and a barely conscious Tron orders the Servbots to continue the attack. She collapses, and the Servbot promises he will pilot the Gustaff and attack. The other Servbots say they will come as well.

The Servbots air drop onto the massive body of the Colossus and prepare for battle. When the defense pylons are destroyed, Loath panics, and states he will not let them win. Glyde says they will destroy them using whatever they have left. Loath prepares a final attack. When defeated, the Colossus explodes violently. Tron comes over the radio, and tells them to finish it off. The Servbots grab the refractor, and Loath, inside the machine, panics as the machine begins collapsing, pushing Glyde over and making for the exit. Tron tells them to not let either of the two escape. The Gesellschaft fires a bomb which blows them over into the water. The Gustaff grabs a Drache and heads back for the Gesellschaft. Tron tells the Servbot piloting the Gustaff she has a present for doing a good job.

Meanwhile Loath pathetically begs for them to save him from the water, to which Tron refuses. Loath continues begging. Tron admits she can't just leave them, and slyly admits she owes a friend a favor. Loath says he doesn't care what that means, he just wants to be saved. Teisel asks her what she's doing, and Tron assures him it will be okay. Teisel says Tron has grown, but Tron says that she's always been that good. Teisel goes teary and talks about their mother and what she'd do seeing Tron run around like she does, then admits he's proud of her.

Police Station
Denise, sitting at her desk, is sadly belittling herself, saying she should hurry with the work, as she'll probably be fired. Loath and Glyde appear bound, and Denise is surprised. The captain comes in, asking what's the problem and for her paperwork, then spots Loath and Glyde. She happily thanks Denise, saying those two were high ranking criminals. She said she was preparing to fire her, but is glad she didn't. Denise sadly realizes she was going to be fired, and is happy she's getting credit for the capture (even though she knows it wasn't her and has no idea how they even got there). The captain says she's happy, and asks for a report. If she doesn't have it, she's fired. Denise sadly realizes there's more paperwork.

Teisel says she's helped her friend, and Tron rebukes it by saying it was only business. Teisel announces it's time to get back to business, and Tron says she's coming too. Teisel admits it's a good idea.


Teisel says that his plan to get caught and check out the mine, and that Tron would save him, worked. He happily congratulates his supposed plan, while Tron yells at the Servbots. Bon was eating something and one of the Servbots notices, and tells him he's not suppose to eat that. Teisel seems happy to still have the golden refractor, but loses his temper when he realizes nobody's paying attention. Tron congratulates the favorite Servbot again. He is happy for the praise, and Tron is happy he did trash detail. The Servbot says he threw out everything. As he goes into detail, Tron asks if he left the treasure box alone. The Servbot says he threw everything out. Tron loses her temper, upset that everything they had worked hard for is gone, as a completely shocked Teisel looks on. Tron tells the Servbot she's got a special torture ready in the torture room for his stupidity.


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  • At the game's title screen, either Tron or the Servbots will announce the title.
  • The Japanese title may be based on the philosophical phrase "gold coins for a cat" (猫にこばん Neko ni Koban), which means that valuable things are useless when given to those who cannot appreciate them. The game itself does not have any references to said saying and was probably chosen due to "Koban" and "Kobun" having an almost matching phonetic sound.
  • Unlike the Mega Man Legends games, the game's cutscenes are made using sprites instead of 3D models, although they remain fully voiced.
  • In the first mission one of the Servbots, when raiding the first house, will turn on the television, which will show the original 8-bit Mega Man running on screen, while the boss introduction music from Mega Man 2 plays.
  • The Gustaff can be painted blue like Mega Man.
  • The Japanese version of the game has four PocketStation mini-games. The mini-games where removed from the English versions due to the Pocketstation not being released outside of Japan.
  • Tron has two outfits in this game. The first is her typical outfit, which is a pink shirt with a black shoulder jacket that does not cover much more than her shoulders, pink gloves, pink headband, a palm sized metallic plate on her pants, brown pants, skull earrings, and a skull emblem on her shirt. Her hair is styled to fan out in a solid fan shape to the sides of her head. In the lab, however, she wears her hair looser, a skull emblem, white lab coat, a pink dress that cuts off just below the thighs, and her skull earrings along with a pair of odd swirly glasses.
  • Four Reaverbots return from the first Mega Man Legends title as enemies: Arukoitan and Orudakoitan appears in the second Digout mission with some changes in color and move, both as a standard enemy, and varieties of Arukoitan appear as a boss, where a group of slow invincible green ones will attack the Finkel while an extremely fast red one will run around and when destroyed, destroys the green ones as well. Hanmuru Doll is also used, and is capable of now firing a laser and appears as the boss of the first digout mission. The final reaverbot cameo is Sharukurusu during the fight against Colossus, and are unlimited, appearing out of thin air the second another is destroyed.
  • The pause screen varies depending of the pilot and mecha. If Tron is inside the Gustaff, she is shown balancing a pencil on her nose with the sniper Servbot in front of her, and a teddy bear on the seat. In the first mission, Teisel appears to be analyzing the mission and the Servbots. When the favorite Servbot is piloting alone in the last mission, he is nervous. When Tron and Teisel are both inside the Gustaff, they appear to almost be fighting over room due to the cramped space, but the Servbot appears calm. In the Digout missions, Tron is shown with Finkel's remote control and a Servbot is with her.
  • Despite being the title character, Tron has no 3D model in the game, and only appears as foreground sprites. She is the only primary character to lack a model.
  • This is the first game in the franchise to omit Mega Man as a playable character (appropriately why the name "Mega Man" is only used to tie the game into the franchise, but not used in the game's actual title). If the player completes the game in certain conditions, MegaMan Volnutt, Roll Caskett and Data have a cameo appearance at the end of the game, with a message saying "story continues in Mega Man Legends".
  • This is the only English Mega Man Legends title where Ikue Ōtani's japanese recordings for Bon Bonne were not left intact from the Japanese version. Bon is instead dubbed over by Chuck Campbell.
  • Unlike the other Mega Man Legends titles, this game does not have a difficulty setting.
  • No stage can be revisited once finished (except for the free stage), and therefore the game holds little replay value unless one starts a new file.
  • Tron will act fatigued if the Finkel has its health bare reduced to zero, despite Tron piloting the Finkel via long distance remote control.
  • The final scene with Denise will happen regardless whether the player actually plays any bank missions at all or not, which breaks continuum slightly as Tron will act as if she knows Denise, however the story from the bank missions shows the two have never met beforehand.
  • After Tron Bonne yells at the Favorite Servbot and the screen turns to black during the "Present by Capcom Thank you for playing" screen, a Servbot says "Huh? Smoke? Is something on fire?", implying Tron is torturing the favorite Servbot for throwing out the treasure.
  • The Misadventures of Tron Bonne received a very small print run compared to the other Mega Man Legends titles, and received no Greatest Hits re-release or ports to other platforms until the digital release on the PS3's PlayStation store. Due to this, copies of the original PS1 release are very rare and often quite expensive.


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