The Solo NetNavis!
MegaMan NT Warrior episode 16 (13)
Air date June 24, 2002 (Japan)
August 9, 2003 (America)
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The Legendary Program Advance!
Something's Fishy with Commander Beef!
Opening Theme Rockman no Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete
Ending Theme Piece of Peace

The Solo NetNavis!, known as The Miraculous NetNavis! (驚異のネットナビ! Kyōi no NettoNabi!) in Japan, is the 16th episode MegaMan NT Warrior anime series. In the English dub it was aired as the 13th episode.


Schoolmates Maylu and Tory, with their NetNavis, Roll and IceMan, battle it out in Week Two of the N1 Grand Prix! After Roll defeats IceMan, the games shift to a more challenging event: the Tag Team Matches, as pairs of NetNavis battle each other. First up, the mysterious StoneMan and BlasterMan challenge GutsMan and WoodMan. By the end of the match, it's revealed that StoneMan and BlasterMan are actually Mr. Wily's secret weapons. The two are revealed to be Solo NetNavis, which means they have free will and can battle without NetOps! After soundly defeating GutsMan and WoodMan, the two Solo NetNavis set their sights on MegaMan and SharkMan! With the undefeated StoneMan and BlasterMan at his side, will Mr. Wily succeed in finding the NetNavi with the Ultimate Program?[1]




  • Despite claiming to use the Super Guts Thump and Guts Hammer battle chips, Dex slots in a GutsMan V1 Navi chip both times.