• I want to know about Zero's height in both X series and Zero series. Why's he so short? He's just little taller than X and Ciel. Is he taller than 170 cm?

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    • I would say he's like 12cm taller than X, so that would make him 172 cm. Ciel appears to be around X's height, so that would make her like 160.

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    • X is oficially 160 cm tall. In SNES games his model is 39 pixels. Which means each pixel is 4.1 cm.

      In X1 Zero is 43 pixels, making him exactly 176 cm tall.

      In X2 and X3 his new body is 44 pixels or 180 cm cm tall.

      In PSX games they stay the same: X being 46 pixels or 160 cm and Zero 52 pixels or 180 cm.

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