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  • So I used Google Translate to see the cast of Stream epsiode 23 to see if Cardamom's Third Apprentice had a name,and it came up with " One Tanmen" voiced by Sakaguchi Michi. I'm guessing that this isn't translated correctly beisdes the VA, but it seems he has a name. Have any insight?

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    • Romaji is "Wan Tanmen" (ワン・タンメン). Maybe he's named after "wantan men" (ワンタン麺, wonton noodles)? The reason of that translation is due to "wan" being also a Japanese way to write the English word "one".

      He's actually voiced by Kōichi Sakaguchi (NapalmMan's VA).

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    • Lol, that’s hilarious when said in English (wonton man!).

      We’ll go with that for now, and if someone comes around with any other interpretations we can look into it.

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