• Hello, I'm an admin from the Sailor Moon Wiki. I was doing some background-checks on the user: Wheelman Tanner and found a bit of a mishap involving them on this wiki. They have uploaded info on a game that is "very rare" onto the Sailor Moon Wiki and upon my own research, found that it's a complete hoax.

    Would you say this user has created issues for the Megaman Wiki? Do you believe them to be a troll? I ask so as not to jump too fast to banning them. But I am 98% sure they are a troll. (Another user pulled a reference link to a parody wiki citing them as being part of a "parody" group.)

    Respond here or on my message wall at the Sailor Moon Wiki. Respond when you can!



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    • I redact my message completely. They are a known troll. They were banned previously on the Sailor Moon Wiki for 1 year. I have renewed the ban for 10 years. I'd advise you to take precautions as well.

      My apologies for the confusion and/or intrusion,


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