Thrill Twins 1 & 2 (スリル・ツイン1号、2号 Suriru Tsuin 1 Gō, 2 Gō) are the mid-bosses of Blast Man's stage in Mega Man 11. They consist of two modified roller coaster cars: one painted in blue and the other in white. Their nosecones and fins are colored red. Each car carries Shimobey and attacks by either by ramming into Mega Man or dropping a Shimobey. The weak point from the Thrill Twins is the passenger seats, the exterior being immune to damage from most attacks except for wide or piercing attacks such as the Double Gear-enhanced Final Charge Shot, the explosion from a knocked back Shimobey, Scramble Thunder, Chain Blast, and Tundra Storm. Tundra Storm can defeat the cars in few hits.


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Made by modifying a theme park rollercoaster, these thrilling machines combine loop-the-loops with crashes that make you wish they had safety belts.