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Thunder Bolt, known as Thunder Strike (サンダーストライク Sandā Sutoraiku) in Japan and in the English version of Mega Man: The Power Battle, is Cloud Man's special weapon. This weapon shoots a ball of electricity straight forward (though due to a program glitch, it tends to curve downward if fired while falling). It travels through walls and split on impact with an enemy, traveling upwards and downwards. The Thunder Bolt can also be used to activate some of the machines in Junk Man's stage. Thunder Bolt is also usable in the dark hallway in Shade Man's stage because the Thunder Bolt is a ball of electricity that emits light, acting as a second alternative to illuminate the corridor of the player doesn't yet have the Scorch Wheel.

This weapon will electrocute Junk Man, preventing him from using his Junk Shield and magnetism attacks if used consecutively. Conversely, if the Thunder Bolt is used on Spring Man, it will cause him to become magnetized, and he will pull Mega Man toward him and toss him upward, causing some serious damage (8 units). It will also supercharge Turbo Man, making him temporarily invincible as he drives around his chamber. If the Thunder Bolt is shot on the cloud platforms on Cloud Man's stage, it will cause a thunderstorm in the platform and the electricity can hurt Mega Man.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 7.

MM7-ThunderBolt-Icon Thunder Bolt
Boss Damage
Freeze Man 1
Junk Man 4
Burst Man 1
Cloud Man 2
Spring Man 0
Slash Man 1
Shade Man 1
Turbo Man 0
Mash 2
Bass 2
Guts Man G 0
Bass and Treble 2
Gameriser 0
HannyaNED² 2
Wily Machine No. 7 2
Wily Capsule 0
  • If Thunder Bolt is used on Turbo Man, he becomes invincible for a few seconds. During this time he transforms and attempts to ram into Mega Man.
  • If Spring Man is hit by Thunder Bolt, he magnetizes himself, attempting to pull Mega Man into him. If he succeeds he grabs Mega Man and sends him into the ceiling.
  • If Thunder Bolt is used on the Wily Capsule, Wily will be electrocuted and will not shoot the elemental orbs; however, this does not damage him.

Bosses weak against Thunder Bolt

Dialogues about Thunder Bolt in Mega Man 7

Mega Man: The Thunder Bolt fires out electrically charged spheres, right?

Dr. Light: Yes, and it can also be used to power some electronic machines.


  • A weapon with a similar name, the Lightning Bolt, can be obtained in Mega Man & Bass.
  • In Mega Man: Powered Up, Elec Man uses an attack called Thunder Bolt when he loses half of his health. However, the attack is similar to the Lightning Bolt rather than the Thunder Bolt. This is due to the fact that during the attack, he calls down lightning bolts from the sky that strike the ground. On Hard mode, he uses Thunder Bolt three times.
  • This weapon is the only one in the game to cause more than one Robot Master to use an alternate attack when used. Spring Man becomes magnetized and tries to throw Mega Man into the ceiling, while Turbo Man becomes invincible and tries to charge into Mega Man at higher speeds than normal.
  • The color scheme of Thunder Bolt bears a striking resemblance to the color scheme use for Mega Man on the North American box art of Mega Man
  • This weapon shares the name of an Electric-type move in Pokemon.

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