Thunder Claw (サンダークロー Sandā Kurō) is Clown Man's Special Weapon from Mega Man 8. When equipped, Mega Man launches an "elastic" beam of electricity that can not only attack, but is tensile enough to swing from certain hooks. This is Grenade Man's weakness, and it can reflect Grenade Man's bombs back at him, but it is risky. It's also effective against the Green Devil when its eye is exposed.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man 8.

MM8-ThunderClaw-Icon.png Thunder Claw
Boss Damage
Yadokargo 4
Tengu Man 1
Astro Man 1
Sword Man 1
Clown Man 1
Search Man 1
Frost Man 1
Grenade Man 4
Aqua Man 1
Atetemino 1
Bass and Treble 1
Green Devil 5
Wily Machine No. 8 1
Wily Capsule 0
Cut Man 4
Wood Man 2
  • For Bliking, it is the only boss in Mega Man 8 to take a different amount of damage from each strike from the Thunder Claw (3 units of damage the first strike; 2 the second time; 3, 2, 3, etc.), hence the data value in its field above is listed in fraction form.
  • Cut Man and Wood Man are available only in the Sega Saturn version of Mega Man 8.


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