Screenshot from inside the camp

The Tianna Undersea Camp (ティアナ海底収容所) is a location from Mega Man X: Command Mission located 30 miles northwest of Central Tower. It is an abandoned Force Metal mine that was used as a POW camp by the Rebellion Army, having Silver Horn as the warden. Being a POW camp, it held many refugees that X had to free as well as a very heavy security system. Throughout the stage, there are Dober Man guards, moving sensors, and color combination locks that must be pressed in a certain order to progress through the rest of the area. The stage hosts a small maze full of hallways and doors and has elevators that bring X deeper and deeper underwater, and thus deeper into Silver Horn's inner sanctum. Along with all this, the Tianna Camp is also the resting place of the original Steel Massimo, and the same stage that X first encounters the new Massimo as well as Nana. Tianna Camp also features an extra boss, Rafflesian, who guards X's Ultimate Armor, behind one of the doors in the first Maze Area.


There are 45 items.

Area Description Items
POW Camp Central Gate
Entrance of the POW camp. Has a teleport system to return to Central Tower and a Save Device. X and Spider meet Massimo in this area. None
Lift 1
A small area with three lifts to go down. None
Security Reploid Patrol Area
Area with fish-like robots that contain a surveillance system. The surveillance system is deactivated after Silver Horn is defeated, and instead now there will be random battles in this area. Figure Token
300 Ƶ
Figure Token
Thunder Missile
Lift 2
Small area with two lifts to go down. None
Prisoner Admission Division
Boost Armor
Figure Token
Build Speed
Mega Thunder
Lift 3
Another small area with two lifts. None
Main Gate - Depth 4 Undersea Prison
(デプス4 海底プリズンメインゲート)
Area protected by security guards:

The door to Lift 4 requires the Prison ID to open. Has a Save Device.

Tank Energy 100
West Prison
Area with cells where Resistance members are locked, one of which is a Dober Man (optional battle) disguised as member. The Rescue Crew Class 5 Soldier here gives a Water Guard as thanks. Reboot
Jack of Hearts
East Prison
Like the West Prison, one of them is a Dober Man (optional battle) disguised as a member. The Flying Squad Class 1 Soldier gives a Prison ID. Figure Token
400 Ƶ
Lift 4
Small area with one lift. None
Maze Area 1
A maze area. Has a locked door that requires the Tianna Key to open, which contains a broken Radar Killer for deployment, Tank Parts, the boss Rafflesian, two Figure Tokens and X's Ultimate Armor. Tank Energy 50
200 Ƶ
Build Armor
Build Shield
Tank Parts
Figure Token
Figure Token
Ultimate Armor
Maze Area 2
Boost Power
Boost Shield
Tank Energy 50
Lift 5
Area with a single lift with view to the outside. None
Dark Room
The area Nana is forced to work for the Rebellion and is guarded by [1 Preon Pod and 2 Preon Sparks]. Has a Save Device. The door to the Security Panel Area is locked by colored panels that must be pressed by the order shown, blue and red. Pressing the panels in any other order triggers an alarm and guards appear. Tank Energy 50
Security Panel Area

Area with several security panels. The first part has three panels, pressing in the order blue, red and yellow opens the door to the next part, and in the order yellow, red and blue opens a door with five Item Boxes.

The panels in the second part must be pressed in the order yellow, blue and red to continue, blue, yellow and red to obtain a Tank Parts; and red, yellow and blue to open the door with 8 Item Boxes containing Figure Tokens and Zenny.

The last part must be pressed in the order yellow, red, green and blue to proceed, and the order green, blue, red and yellow gives access to a Queen of Diamonds. Pressing the panels in any other order triggers an alarm and guards appear.

Build LE
Build Power
Build Armor
Build Shield
Build Speed
Tank Parts
Figure Token
Figure Token
Figure Token
Figure Token
100 Ƶ
200 Ƶ
300 Ƶ
400 Ƶ
Queen of Diamonds
Deep Prison Area
Area with two guards protecting the entrance to Deep Prison. Massimo passes through them to reach the area. Has a Save Device. None
Deep Prison
Area with a long lift where the real Massimo is locked. None
Aqua Coliseum Entrance
(アクアコロシアム 入場口)
Entrance to the Aqua Coliseum. Tank Energy 100
Gain Hyper
Aqua Coliseum X, Spider and Massimo face Silver Horn in this area. Has a broken Blowfish for deployment that requires a Mini Battery. None



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