Time-Space Research Laboratory in the Rockman World 2 manga.

The Time-Space Research Laboratory (時空研究所 Jikuu Kenkyuujo), also known as the Chronos Institute, is a facility that researches space and time.


Mega Man II

An experimental time machine is stolen from the institute by Dr. Wily, who uses it to bring a future version of Mega Man to fight himself in the present. Dr. Light had been dispatched to the laboratory to investigate. With the help of Rush's enhanced sense of smell, he was able to deduce that it was none other than Dr. Wily behind the theft. Having a bad feeling about the incident, Dr. Light immediately called upon Mega Man and Rush to search out Dr. Wily's whereabouts.[1]

Other media

Chronos Institute in the Mega Man comic

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

The Chronos Institute is a facility leading the way in researching time, how it works, how it affects people, and how it can be manipulated. One of its researchers, Dr. Shou Kouin, is working in a prototype time travel machine named the "Time Skipper" that will allow one to move freely through time. Time Man works in the institute.

Its first appearance was in the beginning of issue 20, where Dr. Wily takes control over the institute and modifies it into a base. During the crossover Worlds Collide, the Chronos Institute is mentioned by Dr. Light in Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 248.

In issue 37, the Chronos Institute appears for the first time with its original appearance. It is shown that Dr. Kouin hired Xander Payne (under the fake name Mr. Wells) as a lab assistant after the global blackout. Xander proceeded to use a prototype time travel machine in an attempt to undo the robot revolution by sending himself to the past, but ended up travelling to the future instead. Payne later reappeared not long after he left in issue 40, and was apprehended by Agents Stern and Krantz.

As of issue 49, they are also noted as having given the re-programmed Flash Man a position, working alongside Time Man.

Rockman World 2

Dr. Light, Mega Man, and Rush analyze the Time-Space Research Laboratory, which had a time machine stolen. Using his nose, Rush discovers Dr. Wily is behind the theft, and Crash Man appears to make sure Mega Man will not disturb Dr. Wily. After Crash Man's defeat, Metal Man, Air Man, and Wood Man appear and attack Mega Man, but they are also defeated. After the battle, Mega Man leaves the laboratory to search Dr. Wily.