Tiranos (ティラノス) is a triceratops-like enemy (despite the name sounding like Tyrannosaurus) in Mega Man X2.  Tiranos was originally an exihibition from a robot museum, but was modified into a tank-like Mechaniloid for ground warfare.  It moves back and forth across a small area, shooting miniature missiles from its horn when it detects X.

They mainly appear in Wheel Gator's stage, but they also appear in the third X-Hunter Stage and as an enemy summoned in battle by the Sigma Virus.

Tiranos also appeared alongside the Sigma Virus in Dragon Poker.

Other Media

Rockman X2

A Tiranos is seen alongside other Mavericks ready for Zero. More are later seen with Disk Boy 08s and Tubamail-Ss attacking the city on Wheel Gator's orders, and they destroy X's Ride Armor.


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