Titanium Park

Titanium Park is a park located in Mega City in the Mega Man series from Archie Comics. It is apparently identical with Wood Man's forest stage from the game Mega Man 2, or at least based on it.


Titanium Park is where Dr. Thomas Light unveiled his first six industrial Robot Masters: Guts Man, Fire Man, Bomb Man, Ice Man, Cut Man, and Elec Man. However, at night, the robots were stolen by Light's partner, Dr. Albert Wily, and reprogrammed to do his bidding and attack the city. Following the successful defeat of those Robot Masters and their later teammates Oil Man and Time Man, Mega Man came here to confront one of Wily's newest Robot Masters, Wood Man. Quick Man observed Mega Man from hiding during this time, and expressed a desire to team up with Wood Man to attack the hero but was ordered not to by Dr. Wily.

Some time later, Titanium Park was the site of the unveiling for Gamma, who was presented to the people of Mega City by Dr. Light and the apparently reformed Wily. However, the event was attacked by another set of Wily's Robot Masters, supposedly out of loyalty to the destroyed Ra Moon. The Robot Masters escaped with Gamma's Energy Elements, and Wily's "heartbroken" reaction was observed by reports such as Plum.


  • The Archie Comics is the first media to give a name to Wood Man's stage.
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