Rockman title screen

The Title Screen (タイトル画面 Taitoru Gamen) is one of the first screens a player sees in the beginning of a game. In the Mega Man franchise, it displays the game's logo, release year, developer, and the Main Menu. The Main Menu allows the player to start a new game or access a screen to continue the game, like the Password Screen and the Save Data Screen. Additional screens seen after the Title Screen include the Menu Screen (メニュー画面), Mode Select Screen (モードセレクト画面), and Player Select Screen (プレイヤーセレクト画面). Most games start in the Stage Select Screen, in the Opening Stage, or with a cutscene.

Some Title Screens also contain additional options in the Main Menu, like an Options menu to change configurations, a gallery, database, challenges, and minigames. If left idle long enough, many Title Screens will begin playing gameplay footage or show a cutscene.


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