To the Moon! is the forty-fifth Japanese episode and the thirty-fifth English dub episode of MegaMan NT Warrior.


All contact with NetNavis in DenTech City's moon station has been lost! While Commander Beef rockets to the moon to investigate, Lan and his friends are trying to learn more about the mysterious new "ExtraCodes" rumored to make NetNavis mightier than ever! Then Commander Beef encounters a dangerous new NetNavi, PlanetMan, who's trying to take over the moon. But before the Commander can react he's locked outside the lunar station with only two hours of air left! With Mr. Famous's help, Lan and his friends rush to the space center and beam MegaMan and GutsMan to the moon's cyber station to battle PlanetMan. But even with MegaMan now wielding an ExtraCode to get the amazing AquaCustom Style, will he be able to handle its awesome, energy-draining power?[1]




  • Maysa is officially revealed to be Commander Beef.
  • Lan and MegaMan learn how to perform the Program Advance Hyper Burst.