Yamato Man

Top and Grandchild (コマとマゴ Koma to Mago) is the 43rd episode of Rockman.EXE Axess. It features the only appearance of Tensuke Takumi and TopMan.EXE as well as the debut of Kosuke.


While teaching NetBattling at a retirement home, Netto Hikari and Rockman encounter an elderly man named Tensuke Takumi who wants to get along with grandson Kosuke, who prefer NetBattling over his grandfather's passion for tops. With the help of Meiru Sakurai and Higure Yamitaro, Netto and Rockman try to teach Tensuke the fundamentals of NetBattles.


The episode begins with Netto Hikari and Rockman reintroducing themselves and recapping their previous adventures. Later, Rockman recaps about the souls he had received from other NetNavis in the previous episodes.

After the reintroduction, at the Akihara Silver Center, Netto plugs Rockman into the cyberworld where he faces off against IgoMan, ShogiMan, GateBallMan, ShiatsuMan and ChaonomiMan. The NetNavis use their signature attacks against Rockman but Netto slots in a Met Guard Battle Chip and Rockman reflects the attacks back onto them. Afterwards, Rockman lectures them about NetBattling while Netto does the same to the elderly operators. The elderly operators and the NetNavis thanks the two and called them sensei much to their embarrassment.

Shortly after a man named Tensuke Takumi comes into the room and Netto and Takumi confronts each other and start arguing with the other elders about Battle Chips. Rockman fights against Tensuke's Navi, TopMan. During the fight, TopMan spawns two Little Spinners, Rockman tries to uses his Rock Buster against them but it doesn't work, so Netto uses the Crack Out chip for the Little Spinners to go into the hole, much to TopMan and Tensuke's dismay.

After the match was over, Netto briefly lectures the elderly about the use of the Crack Out chip. Later, it turns out that Tensuke lost because he overslept and makes a point that using Battle Chips made him to swear off NetBattle in the first place. Netto and Meiru advises him to quit if he dislikes it but Tensuke doesn't listen and pulls out a large top for a "top duel" before he hurts his back and collapses trying to lift it.

In the evening, Netto and Meiru goes to drop off Tensuke at his home with Netto carrying Takumi on his back. As soon as they got to the Takumi residence, Tensuke invites Netto and Meiru to his home. In his home, Tensuke shows Netto and Meiru about some of his tops and later his giant mechanical top, he didn't finished the top due to his NetBattling agenda. Then Tensuke remembers about a flashback when he promised his grandson Kosuke to a NetBattle but later Kosuke scolded at him for breaking his promise. This led to Tensuke to start training on NetBattling again with the help Netto and Meiru.

At HiguRe-ya, Netto, Meiru and Yamitaro Higure teaches Tensuke about Battle Chips and the elements of them while he is oversleeping during the lecture. TopMan faces against the virus Billy, because of Tensuke didn't payed attention to the lecture, he inadvertently slot in a Crack Out, thus causing TopMan to fall into the hole. After this, Tensuke had enough of NetBattling and quits.

At his home, Tensuke is finish building his mechanical top. Meanwhile at HiguReya, NumberMan is cleaning the NetBattle machine sucking all the viruses into a Vacuum Fan that was summoned. After when the clean-up was completed, Higure took out a chip ,filled with virtues that was caught in the Vacuum Fan, from his PET. Later when Shuko accidentally bumped into Higure while she was cleaning the place, Higure lost the virus-filled Battle Chip and the viruses escapes from the chip when it was close to the power socket, where the viruses somehow zaps into. Later, the viruses travels to Tensuke's mechanical top that he have already finish building.

The next day, Tensuke decided show Kosuke his giant mechanical tops. But with viruses causing the tops to malfunction, the tops targets Kosuke and then combines each others to create a single bigger top. Meanwhile, Netto was talking to Meiru about Tensuke's yesterday rage until they saw Kosuke is in trouble and Tensuke was trying rescue him. Netto decided to help Tensuke to save his grandson, and Kosuke was cornered but Netto somehow save him. When Netto saved him, the top then targets on Netto and tries run away from.

After when Netto was hiding in a deserted area before the top spotted him. And then the top jumps out of the cliff and starts spinning out of control. Netto attempts to plug-in Rockman into the top but he couldn't due to the top's port spinning too fast and then top drills a giant hole. Tensuke came in time to stop the giant top, Tensuke plug-in TopMan into the top. When TopMan attempts to delete the viruses, the Billy viruses attacks and paralyze. Tensuke remembers one of the lesson in the yesterday NetBattling lecture and uses Bamboo Lance to delete the Billy viruses. Then Netto plug-ins Rockman to the Top and deletes the viruses, thus the giant top stop spinning.

Later at HiguReYa, Tensuke and Kosuke are NetBattling with each other. Kosuke's NetNavi uses Flame Line and TopMan uses Aqua Tower to counter his opponent's attack. Tensuke then briefly lectures Kosuke about how Aqua Tower counters Flame Lines due to its element, Netto is still mad about Tensuke. Tensuke ask Netto to NetBattle with next time and will let Netto to be his sparring partner, much to Netto's chargin. The episode ends with Tensuke laughing and winks to the viewers before continue laughing.


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  • When NumberMan cleans up the NetBattle machine with the VacuumFan virus summoned, the VacuumFan viruses can be mistaken for the WindBox virus due to its color scheme.