Tosanaizer V (トーサナイザーV) is an enemy in Mega Man 11 that appears in Bounce Man's stage, as it was designed to stop people from trying to jump over the pits in Boing-Boing Park. Tosanaizer V's have a purple, round body and black faces, and lack legs due to their ability to fly. If Mega Man gets too close to a pit where a Tosanaizer V is located, it'll emerge from the pit, linger at the top of the screen for a second, and slowly float downwards. To get past a Tosanaizer V, Mega Man can maneuver past it once it starts to descend or just destroy it with his Mega Buster (though a new Tosanaizer V will replace it shortly afterwards). If Mega Man collides with a Tosanaizer V, it'll push him back with its big hands, but the knockback will usually just push Mega Man towards the platform Mega Man started his jump from.


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A robot created for the sole purpose of stopping people jumping across pits. Its detachable hands come in sponge and metal varieties. (It always uses the metal ones.)



  • Its name is probably derived from the Japanese phrase "tōsanai zo (通さないぞ)", which roughly means "I won't let you pass through".