Totem Gate (トーテムゲート Tōtemu Gēto) is a totem enemy with five heads that appears in Mega Man X6. In Ground Scaravich's stage, the Central Museum, there are four blue totems that transport the player to another area, and the player must destroy the Totem Exit to return and fight the Totem Gate. The upper and lower heads attack with shots, and the middle head will fly in the player's direction after two heads are broken, if it isn't broken beforehand. They also appear without their blue portal-forms in the Secret Lab stage 2.

Totem Exit

Totem Exit (トーテムイグジット Tōtemu Igujitto) appears in the end of the area the Totem Poles from Ground Scaravich's stage sent the player, and must be destroyed to return to the museum.

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