Toxic Seahorse, known as Acid Seaforce (アシッド・シーフォース Ashiddo Shīfōsu) in Japan, is a seahorse-based Maverick in Mega Man X3. Under Dr. Doppler's orders, he took control of a large dam to restrict the supply of drinking water for humans.


Toxic Seahorse has a body inspired by a seahorse, possessing a long and curved neck and tail. His head has multiple crests on the back and a large snout. His armor is primarily green and purple in color. His body is actually composed of liquid metal, allowing him to sink into the ground and change his position.

While his personality is not mentioned in-game, his manga incarnation appears to be a very emotional individual.


In battle, Toxic Seahorse follows a simple pattern of jumping around back and forth only stopping to shoot Acid Burst at the player. Once his health is below half, Seahorse will use a charged version of his attack; firing two balls of acid which bounce around the room before disappearing. Seahorse will also liquefy himself and appear at random position around the room. His weakness is Frost Shield; since the Frost Shield's normal fire delays before launching, it can be used as a trap for Toxic Seahorse.


Mega Man X3 stats

  • Power: 5800rp
  • Speed: 4300rp


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Other Media

Rockman X3 manga

The death of Toxic Seahorse, reuniting him with his late girlfriend.

Toxic Seahorse appears in the Rockman X3 manga, cutting off water to the humans on Dr. Doppler's orders. X and Zero fight him after running afoul of his hidden ambush attacks in the sea. Toxic Seahorse has drowned an entire town, poetically proclaiming it to be "holy ground", upon which our heroes X and Zero should stay away, since it is his "sanctuary". He also ominously says that he is "already dead". They do battle across the town, and eventually come out victorious, forcing Seahorse to flee. When X and Zero follow him, they see he has escaped to the top of a tree, and is quietly hugging the corpse of a frozen, female Reploid, who was his girlfriend. Seahorse is also about to liquefy his programming, which would kill him. X wants to stop him and take him into custody, but Zero convinces him not to, saying they have finished their task of defeating Seahorse and fixing the dam he ruined. Seahorse then perishes, together in death with his beloved.

Archie Comics

Toxic Seahorse is alluded to issue #40 of the Mega Man comic book, when Sigma calls him to handle dismantling the Wily Walker's chemical weapons. He would later appear in Worlds Unite as part of Sigma's Maverick army created to attack the heroes assembled by X, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man. He and Spiral Pegasus are later seen in the Breath of Fire world trying to set up a Unity Engine only to be defeated by Ryu and his friends.



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