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Several Mega Man toys.

Toys and action figures from the Mega Man franchise. Bandai produced and released most of the Mega Man toys.

There are no toys from the Mega Man ZX series.

Mega Man series

Toys from the original Mega Man series.

Bandai toys

Toys and action figures released by Bandai. They were released only in Japan.

Rockman Battle Set

Rockman Battle Set (ロックマンバトルセット) is a box with colorless model kits from Rockman 4 released in 1992.

  1. Rockman & Rush Coil (Rockman with Rush and Eddie)
  2. Rockman vs. Buster Blues (Rockman comes with Wire)
  3. Rockman vs. Ringman (Rockman comes with Ring Boomerang)
  4. Rockman vs. Pharaohman (Rockman comes with Pharaoh Shot)

Rockman 4

Rockman 4 candy toys released in 1992.[1] They were later released in Rockman Collection Box 20 (ロックマンコレクションボックス20), a set with all miniatures and a board game.[2][3]

  1. Rockman A + New Rock Buster + Dr. Wily
  2. Rockman B + Dust Man + Dust Crusher
  3. Rockman C + Pharaoh Man + Pharaoh Shot
  4. Rockman D + Ring Man + Ring Boomerang
  5. Rockman E + Drill Man + Drill Bomb
  6. Rush Marine + Dive Man + Dive Missile
  7. Rush Coil + Skull Man + Skull Barrier
  8. Rush Jet + Bright Man + Dompan
  9. Eddie + Toad Man + Gyotot
  10. Blues + Dr. Cossack + Sasoreenu

Rockman Fight

Various Rockman 4 candy toys released in 1992 that came with a scenario. Some of the figures are: Rockman, Blues, Bright Man, Drill Man, Pharaoh Man, Ring Man, Dive Man and Skull Man. Its unknown at moment how many there are.[4]

Buster Rockman and Buster Blues


Buster Rockman and Buster Blues.

Buster Rockman (バスターロックマン) and Buster Blues (バスターブルース) are 1992 figures that can emit light and sounds from their busters.

Party Joy Shinan'yaku boardgame

Party Joy Rockman 4

Rockman 4 board game

Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! (ロックマン4 新たなる野望!!) is a board game based on Mega Man 4. It is the fifth board game from Bandai's Party Joy Shinan'yaku Series, and uses five double-sided boards, one side for each stage (the eight bosses, Dr. Cossack's Citadel, and the Wily Castle).

Rockman 5

Rockman 5 miniatures.

  1. Rockman (A) + Super Rock Buster + Wave Man
  2. New Rush Coil + Charge Man + Metall
  3. Beat + Stone Man + Power Stone
  4. Rockman (B) + Napalm Man + Napalm Bomb
  5. Rockman (C) + Gravity Man + Mizzile
  6. Rush + Gyro Man + Gyro Attack
  7. Rockman (D) + Crystal Man + Crystal Eye
  8. Rockman (E) + Star Man + Star Crash
  9. Blues (A) + Dr. Right + Taban
  10. Blues (B) + Roll + Mousubeil

Fighting Stage series

The Fighting Stage (ファイティングステージ) series is a set of figures from Rockman 5 with a small playset.

  1. Rock Area (Mega Man and Beat. Wily Stage 1.)
  2. Rush Area (Rush, which can turn into New Rush Coil and Rush Jet. Wily Stage 2.)
  3. Star Area (Star Man and a Met. Star Man's stage.)
  4. Blues Area (Proto Man and Eddie. Proto Man Stage)

The package also shows other scenarios and toys of other Robot Masters, but apparently none of them were released.

Rockman 6

Rockman 6 miniatures.

  1. Power Rockman (A) + Yamato Man
  2. Power Rockman (B) + Knight Man
  3. Beat & Eddie + Weapon Energy + Gamarn and Gamadayu
  4. Rush Jet + Blizzard Man + Spring Face Bomb
  5. Rockman (A) + Plant Barrier + Wind Man
  6. Rockman (B) + Yamato Spear + Centaur Man
  7. Rockman (C) + Flame Man + Shield Attacker GTR
  8. Jet Rockman (A) + Plant Man + Curlinger
  9. Jet Rockman (B) + Mr. X + Batabattan
  10. Blues + Tomahawk Man

Action Rockman

Action Rockman (アクションロックマン) is a series of Rockman 7 candy toy miniatures released in 1995, which includes one character and one big enemy. Technodon and Stegoras are wind-up toys. Kanigance, Gameriser and Mad Grinder can dash with a pullback motor.[5]

Rockman Fighters

Rockman Fighters (ロックマンファイターズ) is a Rockman 8 series of candy toys released in 1996.[6]

Rockman & Forte

Rockman & Forte candy toys released in 1998.[7]

Rockman Chasers

Rockman Chasers (ロックマンチェイサーズ) is a candy toy series released in 1997 that contains miniature vehicles from Rockman: Battle & Chase.[8]

  1. Rockman & Roll-chan
  2. Blues & Ice Man
  3. Forte & Spring Man
  4. Quick Man & Guts Man
  5. Shadow Man & Napalm Man


Mega Man plushies were available in Capcom's Kiddy Kiss crane game.

Game Characters Collection Mini Rockman



Game Characters Collection Mini Rockman (ゲームキャラクターズコレクション ミニ ロックマン) is a set from MegaHouse's "Game Characters Collection Mini" series of 30mm figure released on June 27, 2011.


Mega Man characters were released in the M.U.S.C.L.E. (Millions of Unusual Small Creatures Lurking Everywhere) toy line.[9]

Mega Man X series

There where many toys from the Mega Man X series, but most of them where released only in Japan. Most of them are Mega Man X and Zero with different weapons, colors, and armors.

Rockman Machine

Rockman Machine (ロックマンマシン) is a series released by Bandai in 1994 based on the first Rockman X game.[10]

Rockman Base

Rockman Base (ロックマンベース) is a collection based on Mega Man X3 with scenarios and miniatures released by Bandai in 1996.[11]

Rockman Factory

Rockman Factory (ロックマンファクトリー) is a candy toy collection based on Mega Man X3 that was released by Bandai in 1996.[12]

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

  • Rockman X + Buster Shot + Press Disposer
  • Rockman X (MAX) + Cross Charge Shot + Volt Kurageil
  • Zero + Saber + Victoroid
  • Sigma + Shield + REX-2000 + Mini Mad Joey
  • Doppler (combat form) + Chimera + Mini Rockman X
  • Vajurila FF + Brown Bear + Mini VAVA Mk-II
  • Snow Rider + Snow Slider
  • Sigma (final form)

Rockman Ride

Rockman Ride (ロックマンライド) is a set of miniatures with Ride Armors released by Bandai in 1996.[13]

  • Chimera / Frog & Rockman X (MAX)
  • Kangaroo / Hawk & Rockman X
  • Ride Armor & Rockman (Ride Armor from first game.)
  • Rabbit & Rockman X (Ride Armor from second game.)
  • Kaiser Sigma & Zero

Super Max Rockman

Super Max Rockman (スーパーマックスロックマン) contains miniatures released by Bandai in 1996.[14]

  • Rockman X (MAX)
  • Zero
  • VAVA Mk-II
  • Vajurila FF
  • Mandarela BB
  • Rockman X (Frost Shield)
  • Rockman X (Bug Hole)
  • Rockman X (Acid Rush)

Rockman X5

Capcom Figure Collection

Capcom Figure Collection is a line of miniatures released by Capcom in the 2000s. In 2005, a Rockman X set was released in boxes containing 10 random figures from the 12 available (6 normal and 6 with alternate color).


  • Rockman X4 Special Limited Pack (the game Rockman X4 with a Rockman X action figure using the Ultimate Armor.)

Mega Man Battle Network

See also: Mattel and Takara Tomy

With the anime MegaMan NT Warrior, many toys where released, including action figures, PETs, and Battle Chips.


Rockman.EXE miniatures released by Bandai in 2001.[15]

  1. Rockman A
  2. Rockman B
  3. Netto Hikari + Metall
  4. Roll + Kabutank
  5. Blues
  6. Gutsman
  7. Fireman
  8. Woodman

Rockman.EXE Full Color Collection


Rockman.EXE Full Color Collection (ロックマンエグゼ フルカラーコレクション) is a series of gashapon figures released by Bandai.

Rockin' Action

Rockin' Action (ロッキンアクション Rokkin Akushon) is a series of figures released by Bandai.

Donjara Compact Rockman.EXE

Donjara Compact Rockman.EXE (ドンジャラコンパクト ロックマンエグゼ) is a Mega Man Battle Network themed Donjara game released by Bandai in August 2002.

Rockman Cube


Rockman Cube W Starter 1

Rockman Cube (ロックマンキューブ) is a Bandai series of miniatures inside transparent cubes.

  • Starter Data 1
  • Starter Data 2
  • Starter Data 3
  • W Starter Data 1
  • Booster Data 1
  • Booster Data 2

Rockman.EXE Catan

Rockman.EXE Catan (ロックマンエグゼカタン) is the game The Settlers of Catan with a Rockman.EXE motif. It was released by Capcom in Japan in two versions: standard and portable.[16] Changes include the resources being elements, knight cards being NetNavi cards, and the robber being Bass.EXE.[17]

Mega Man Star Force series


Wendy's Mega Man Star Force figures.

See also: Takara Tomy

In 2009, Wendy's Kids Meal from Philippines offered figures based on the Mega Man Star Force series.

Mega Man Legends series

Toys from the Mega Man Legends series.

  • Capcom Girls Collection is a set of figures with female Capcom characters released by Yamato. A PVC statue of Tron Bonne with a Servbot (Tron & Kobun) was released on May 28, 2004 in two color versions: Normal and Repaint (Tron with orange clothes and Servbot with Red Head Parts). On October 8, a TGS Limited Color (Tron with yellow and blue clothes, Capcom's colors) was released.

Real Figure Collection


Capcom Real Figure Collection Part 2

Real Figure Collection is part of Yujin's SR series of capsule figures. SR Capcom Real Figure Collection Part 2 - Rockman DASH Hen (SRカプコンリアルフィギュアコレクション パート2 ロックマンDASH編) is a set of six figures based on Mega Man Legends 2 released in November 2000.[19] The Servbots (Kobun) include one of two part sets to assemble Mega Man Volnutt (Rock). A Repaint Version was released in February 2001.[20]

  1. Sera
  2. Roll
  3. Tron
  4. Yuna
  5. Kobun (Rock A Parts Set)
  6. Kobun (Rock B Parts Set)

Petit Kobun Figure

Petit Kobun Figure (プチコブンフィギュア Puchi Kobun Figyua) is a limited set of 40 Kobun (Servbot) figures, each with a different face, a sign with three plates, two having "食事中" (eating) and "仕事中" (working) written on them, a suction cup, and one varying accessory (Curry rice, headset, ...). The figures were given for 40 persons that purchased of the game Tron ni Kobun in Japan.[21] Besides the individual figures, one box containing all the 40 figures was also given.[22][23] Besides the 40 figures, there are also 2 secret figures.[24]

Mixed series

Toy series that combines two or more Mega Man series in one collection.

Battle Brusher

Battle Brusher (バトルブラッシャー) is a line of miniatures released by Bandai that included several franchises, including the Rockman and Rockman X series.


  • Rockman
  • Super Rockman
  • Blues
  • Forte
  • Turbo Man

Rockman X:

Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes


War Machine vs. Mega Man.

Following the X-Men vs. Street Fighter line, Marvel vs. Capcom is a collection released by Toy Biz with two action figures in one package, one character from Capcom and other from Marvel.

  • War Machine vs. Mega Man
  • Captain America vs. Morrigan
  • Spider-Man vs. Strider Hiryu
  • Venom vs. Captain Commando


Zero is part of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Minimates collection released in 2011.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

Marvel Gamerverse X

Iron Man vs. Mega Man X

Hasbro will release an Iron Man vs. Mega Man X figure pack in 2017.[25]

POP! Games

POP! Games is a series from the POP! line of vynil figures by Funko. Four Mega Man figures were released in the series, with Mega Man having different color versions.

Mega Man X (Ver.Ke.) and Sigma will be released as part of a Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite line.[26]

102Mega Man
102Mega Man - Ice Slasher (GameStop only)
102Mega Man - Fire Storm (GameStop only)
102Mega Man - Thunder Beam (Toy Tokyo NYCC 2016 limited edition)
102Mega Man - Quick Boomerang (GameStop only)
102Mega Man: Retro (GameStop only)
102Mega Man (golden version, GameStop only)
104Proto Man
105Dr. Wily
Rocket vs. Mega Man X
Rocket vs. Mega Man X (GameStop only)
Ultron vs. Sigma
Ultron vs. Sigma (Toys "R" Us only)

Kotobukiya figures

Kotobukiya released figure kits of Mega Man, Roll, Proto Man and Zero. Mega Man and Proto Man have both normal arms and arm cannons, shot effects, and an Energy Tank. Additionally, Mega Man has a charge shot and Proto Man his shield. Roll can be changed between her original appearance and her Mega Man 8 costume. All figures have changeable faces. Mega Man was released in September 2010, Roll in December 2010, and Proto Man in January 2011.

Rockman Graffiti

Rockman Graffiti (ロックマングラフィティ) is a candy toy released by Bandai in 1995 with miniatures from the original and X series. It contains 17 miniatures, 6 stickers, and a large card containing a picture of each boss from the games.[27]

  • Rockman 4: Rockman, Rush
  • Rockman 5: Blues, Beat, Eddie, Weapon Energy
  • Rockman 6: Jet Rockman, Power Rockman
  • Rockman Mega World: Buster Rod. G, Mega Water. S, Hyper Storm. H
  • Rockman X: Rockman X (MAX), Zero, VAVA
  • Rockman X2: Rockman X, Rockman X (MAX), Zero

Super Model Spirit Rockman

Super Model Spirit Rockman (超造形魂ロックマン) is a set of figures released by Bandai in May 30, 2010.[28]

  • Rockman and Metall A (Rockman)
  • Rockman and Metall B (Rockman)
  • Roll (Rockman)
  • Forte A (Rockman 7)
  • Forte B (Rockman 7)
  • Blues (Rockman 3)
  • X (Rockman X)
  • Zero (Rockman X2)
  • Zero (Rockman Zero)
  • Airman (Rockman 2)
  • Cutman (Rockman)

Rockman Swing

Rockman Swing (ロックマンスイング) is a set of keychains released by Bandai in 2015.[29]

  • Yellow Devil
  • X
  • Rockman
  • Rock Volnutt
  • Rockman (Rockman.EXE)

66 Action

66 Action (66アクション) is a series of candy toys from Bandai containing 66mm articulated figures. A Rockman line was released on April 18, 2017 with a soda flavored gum.[30][31]

Volume 1:

1RockmanRockmanE Can
2XRockman XDash effect
4Rock VolnuttRockman DASH 2Kobun
5Secret (Rockman with red and white colors)RockmanRush

Volume 2:

1XRockman XLeft arm part
2VAVARockman XGlass
3RockmanMeteor RockmanSword
5Super RockmanRockmanRocket buster effect.

Gigantic Series

Gigantic Series (ギガンティックシリーズ) is a series of gigantic statues released by X-Plus.


Mega Man toys released in promotions, as keychains, and in other ways.


List of official keychains licensed by Capcom.


CM バンダイ キャラコバッチ ロックマン・ストリートファイターⅡ

CM バンダイ キャラコバッチ ロックマン・ストリートファイターⅡ

Charakobatti commercial

Charakobatti (キャラコバッチ Kyarakobatchi, short for Character Koma Batti, lit. "Character Top Batch"), known as Spin Fighters outside Japan, is a top toy line created by Bandai in 1992. The tops, usually made of metal, included pictures of characters from several media, including the Mega Man and Mega Man X series.[39]

Promotional toys


McDonalds figures.

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