Tractor Shot is an EX Skill for the Buster Shot in Mega Man Zero 4, learned after defeating Mino Magnus at stormy weather.

When equipped on the menu, charging and holding up the Buster Shot button will create an thunder-element sphere that sticks to the end of the Buster. While the sphere is active, it will absorb all energy projectiles that were aimed at Zero, powering it up and causing it to grow in size; the damage it inflicts on enemies depends on its size. The Sphere can be used as a melee weapon of sorts, since Zero can just swing the Buster around, hitting enemies without using up the charge.

Although the Zero series (and on) has a simplified elemental alignment that replaced specific weapon weaknesses trademarked by previous series, this is an effective weapon against the Randam Bandam. Its Randam Shots attack can be easily neutralized by the Tractor Shot and the resulting fully-absorbed charge can shave 1/4 of Randam Bandam's energy.

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