Traffic Signal Chaos!, known as Signal Panic! (シグナルパニック! Shigunaru panikku!) in Japan, is the 3rd epiosde of the MegaMan NT Warrior. It features the debut of Yai Ayano, Glide, Maddy, and WackoMan.


Yai Ayano, the genius heiress to the mega-company AyanoTech, starts at DenTech Elementary with a grandiose entry. Meanwhile, Mr. Wily sends another of his agents, Maddy, to cause chaos in society. When Yai gets stuck in traffic with a desperate need to use the restroom due to the interference of Maddy's NetNavi WackoMan, it's up to Lan and MegaMan to save the day.


The episode opens with with narration from Lan, who re-introduces the audience to the show's world.

In a limo, Glide informs Yai that they will soon arrive at at DenTech Elementary. Lan and Maylu walk to school together and talk of a new student joining their class, who is the daughter of the owner of AyanoTech. Dex comes and gets between them, warning Lan to stay away from "his Maylu". As they arrive, Yai's limo pulls up and a red carpet rolls of it, and Yai comes out.

In class, Ms. Mari introduces Yai, who explains she came from Kingland. Glide introduces himself to MegaMan, Roll, and GutsMan and explains that Yai was suppose to be in 3rd grade, but she did so well that she skipped to 5th grade. Maylu asks what Yai does for fun, and Yai inserts a DVD into the blackboard with a grandiose introduction to herself, flabbergasting the class and Ms. Mari. Outside, Maysa ruminates about his love for Ms. Mari before shouting to remind the kids to take their calcium and leaving. Back in the classroom, Yai shows off impressive writing and math skills.

At lunch, Yai is unimpressed with the school's lunch, and has a butlers bring in an extravagant meal and strawberry milk, her favorite beverage.

At the World Three hide out, Mr. Wily gives Maddy to cause chaos in society. She tells him not to put her in the same class as Count Zap, and disconnects the call, and Mr. Wily sighs.

Lan and Dex stand outside Yai's home marveling at it. They manage to find a hole in the fence and climb in it to explore her property, but they are spotted by security cameras. Yai decides to have fun with them and sends many security measures after them, laughing as they flee from them. Lan jacks MegaMan into the network to stop the security system and is confronted by Glide. MegaMan asks Glide to shut down the security, but Glide tells him they are trespassing and drops MegaMan into hole. In the real world, Lan and Dex also are dropped into a hole and deposited outside of the Ayano property. The two apologize for trespassing.

Ms. Mari explains security holes to the class as Maddy jacks WackoMan into the traffic control network. He begins changing lights at random, causing numerous traffic jams and accidents as the staff attempts to fix the issue. Leaving school, Yai needs to use the restroom, and is found by Maylu. Yai is offended when Maylu asks if she was using the restroom, claiming girls like her do not do such things and storms off.

Stuck in traffic, Yai's need to use the restroom gets worse, so she jacks Glide into the traffic system to investigate. He begins deleting the Mettaurs causing the issue but is attacked by WackoMan. Lan jacks MegaMan into to investigate as well and he finds Glide. WackoMan introduces himself and attacks the two and Lan runs to get to a place close enough that he can send Battle Chip data to MegaMan, finding Yai standing on top of her limo on the way. The two arrive at the Traffic Control Center where Yai runs to the restroom and Lan jacks in to help MegaMan, much to WackoMan and Maddy's surprise, who thought they had finished him. Lan sends MegaMan a Sword chip, and they defeat WackoMan. Maddy, who had been behind Lan, throws a tantrum, and Yai thanks Lan.

The next day, traffic has returned to normal, and Yai arrives to school in a pink limo, complete with a toilet.


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Home media

This episode was released asked on the second volume of the Japanese VHS and DVD, and the first volume of the English VHS and DVD.


  • When Glide introduces himself to Roll and kisses her hand, Roll's hand and forearm are black like her upper arm and missing the pink “gauntlets” that are usually present.
  • WackoMan's symbol is missing from Maddy's shirt when she is praising WackoMan on the monkey bars, though it reappears a couple scenes later.
  • Glide calls the Mettaur “MetGuards” in the dub.


  • When Yai holds up the DVD to introduce herself, the disc still says “Yaito”, her Japanese name, in the English dub.
  • The tennis ball launchers in Yai's tennis court are modeled after Canodumb.