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Traffic Signal Chaos! or Signal Panic! in Japan, is the third episode of MegaMan NT Warrior anime.


The episode opens with Yai Ayano making her first appearance at DenTech High School apparently because her old one did not appreciate her enough. She is flamboyant, walking on a red carpet and eating a steak for lunch as opposed to school food. Yai brings in a powerpoint on herself and Glyde.EXE annoys the other NetNavis except for Roll.EXE whom he is polite to. In the meantime, Lord Wily tells Ms. Madd to go terrorize the city.

Lan and Dex decide to sneak onto Yai's house and look around. To entertain herself, she fires tennis balls, send a lawnmower, and has the statues spray water at them. Lastly, they are put in a cage. MegaMan.EXE is jacked in to open it, but Glyde throws him into a pit while Lan and Dex are ejected through a tube.

The next day, Ms. Madd sends Mettaurs into the CyberWorld and causes the traffic signals to stop. Yai is stuck in traffic and sends Glyde in to investigate. He tries to delete the Mets with Glyde Cannon, but is attacked by WackoMan. Lan sends in MegaMan to help, but both MegaMan and Glyde are getting hammered by WackoMan's ball. Lan turns the tables by using Sword. WackoMan makes clones of himself, but MegaMan destroys them all. WackoMan retreats and Ms. Madd who using a terminal next to Lan kicks the machine in frustration. Yai gets to go to the bathroom and the traffic accidents stop.

The next day, Yai goes to school in a pink limo with a bathroom.


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