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GeoStelar Transer

Geo Stelar with a Pegasus Transer.

The Transer (トランサー Toransā) is a personal terminal device that appears in Mega Man Star Force as the replacement for the PET from the Mega Man Battle Network series. Most people wear their Transers on their arms.

The Transer is succeeded by the Star Carrier and Hunter-VG in the second and third games, respectively.

General Functions

Transers carry many of the functions that their predecessors did, such as sending emails, acting as a cellular phone, and aiding in the deletion of viruses. Unlike PETs, however, Transers directly attack EM Viruses through the use of Battle Cards.

Brother Bands

Main article: Brother Band

One of the most important functions of the Transer is the Brother Band feature, which allows people to become Brothers and granting them an increase in Link Power.

EM Wave Change

Main article: EM Wave Change

Transers also aid in the process of EM Wave Change. Though they do not function much, if at all, while wave changed, a Transer or similar device is necessary to initiate a wave change in most cases.

During an EM Wave Change, Transers prohibit the use of Battle Cards almost completely because they do not carry over as part of the EM Being formed. This normally restricts EM Beings to their natural abilities, however Mega Man is able to continue to fight with Battle Cards through the use of Omega-Xis' Predation ability.


Transer toys were released by Takara Tomy in Japan.

WT-01 Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Pegasus
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサー ペガサス)
LeoTranser Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Leo
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサー レオ)
WT-03 Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Dragon
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサー ドラゴン)
WaveTranserDX Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer DX Edition
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサー DXエディション)
Contents Transer, Transer Holder, Geo's pendant
WH-01 Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Holder Pegasus
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサーホルダー ペガサス)
WH-02 Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Holder Leo
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサーホルダー レオ)
WH-03 Shooting Star Rockman Wave Transer Holder Dragon
(流星のロックマン ウェーブトランサーホルダー ドラゴン)



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