Transport items (移動用アイテム),[1] also known as special items (特殊アイテム),[2] are items that are used as transports by the player. Like Special Weapons, they can be selected in the Sub Screen and consume Weapon Energy. With the exception of the Magnet Beam and Super Arrow, Mega Man becomes red and white when using a transportation item.

Magnet Beam

Magnet Beam

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Magnet Beam (マグネットビーム Magunetto Bīmu) is an item from the first Mega Man game that can temporarily create beams that can be used as platforms.


Mega Man using Item-1

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Item-1 (アイテム1号) is a levitating platform from Mega Man 2 that Dr. Light gives to Mega Man when Heat Man is defeated. It's possible to have three platforms on screen at once. Each platform consumes 2 units of energy. Item-1 is required to reach a ladder in the first Wily Castle stage.



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Item-2 (アイテム2号) is a jet sled from Mega Man 2 that is obtained when Air Man is defeated. It can be used to pass by long gaps, like the area with Appearing Blocks in Heat Man's stage, and is required to pass the spiked area in the beginning of the second Wily Castle stage. Since Mega Man 3, this ability was replaced with Rush Jet, which also erases Item 2's weaknesses.


Item-3 (アイテム3号 Aitemu 3 Gou) is a crawling platform that can be used as an elevator once it is latched onto a wall. It will change its direction once it reaches the top or bottom of a wall, or when Mega Man jumps off of it. It is obtained when Flash Man is defeated in Mega Man 2. Item-3 is required to climb up some walls in the Wily Castle, and it can also be used to quickly bypass the first set of blocks in Heat Man's stage. Item-3 is also available in the Wily Tower mode from Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

In the Archie Comics Mega Man series, Dr. Light supplied Mega Man, via Cut Man, with program data that allowed Mega Man to utilize Item-3, alongside Item-1 and Item-2, after Mega Man had been restored to his regular state of mind.


Wire (ワイヤー Waiyā) is an item that Mega Man can use to attach himself to a ceiling. It's unique in that Mega Man has to look upward first before firing the weapon by holding Up on the D-pad. It is located inside a spike infested pit in Dive Man's stage in Mega Man 4 immediately after the second Moby sub-boss. Unlike many transport items, it is not required to beat any certain stage. Mega Man can use his normal buster when he reaches the end of the wire. The wire can hold Mega Man indefinitely unless the player presses Down or the Jump button, or when getting hit by enemies. It can also damage any enemy that may be in the path of the wire. Each shot uses 2 units of energy. If the wire adaptor is shot but Mega Man does not climb the wire, energy is still used. Interestingly, Wire is the first transport item that can deal damage, specifically to Wily Machine 4 phase 2. It can be used to drain about 3/4 of Wily Machine 4's health bar if aimed correctly (making two hits per pass) with a full bar of energy.


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Balloon (バルーン Barūn) is an item that works in the same way as Item-1. It appears in Mega Man 4, in Pharaoh Man's stage. The item can be found by traveling towards the right, across the extra desert, and is located amidst three rock platforms over the sand. Up to eight balloons can be on the screen at any one time, however such a number is likely to never occur and results in severe lag and sprite flicker. Each balloon uses 2 units of energy.

Super Arrow

Mega Man using Super Arrow.

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Super Arrow (スーパーアロー Sūpā Arō) is an item from Mega Man 5 that can be used to attack and create platforms, as it sticks to walls for a short time. It is obtained after Star Man's defeat.


Carry (キャリー Kyarī) is a single stationary platform that appears under Mega Man if he is in mid-air, or slightly ahead of him if he is standing on the ground at the time of use. It only appears in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge after Mega Man has defeated the initial four Robot Masters.

Proto Coil and Proto Jet

The Proto Coil and Proto Jet, known as Blues Coil (ブルースコイル) and Blues Jet (ブルースジェット) in Japan, are items that replace the Rush Coil and Rush Jet when playing as Proto Man in Mega Man 9 and 10. While they function equally to their Rush counterparts, Proto Man begins with both items at the start of each game.


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