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Tribe King (トライブキング Toraibu Kingu) is the final Tribe On form from Mega Man Star Force 2, the combination of all three OOPArts: Sword of Zerker, Star of Ninja and Rock of Saurian. While in a Double Tribe, the third Tribe can be invoked to allow Mega Man to transform into the Tribe King. Tribe King still retains the Battle Card charge ability of the version's Tribe, but gains the innate abilities of all three Tribes, as well as a unique Charge Shot and Link Force Big Bang. Tribe King has no particular weaknesses, and it vastly increases the cards' attack power. It will expire after three turns, however, thereby returning Mega Man to his normal form.


Tribe King scatters all three OOPArts on his body, with the Star on the right shoulder and with both hands featuring both the Sword and Rock. The body now maintains black and white highlights, along with colors from all three tribes. The head is especially designed in the likeness of a crown, which is appropriate given that the title of this mode is "Tribe King".


Tribe King, as mentioned, is the most powerful form, having the power of all three tribes combined. This incredible power results in its three-turn limitation.

  • Element: BC Element Null None
  • Body Double: Up + Y allows Mega Man to counter incoming attacks with a body double wood-element sword attack.
  • All cards x2 attack (applied before any bonuses are added)
  • Elec cards +20 attack
  • Wood cards +20 attack
  • Fire cards +30 attack
  • Card charge ability is dependent base Tribe (and, by extension, the game file's version)
    • Zerker: Charge multiple non-dimming cards to execute them all in succession without flinching
    • Ninja: Charge a non-dimming card to let it pierce Invis and have Auto Lock-On
    • Saurian: Charge a non-dimming card for an attack boost
  • Side Select
  • Super Armor
  • Charge Shot: Over Slash
    • Fires 3 sonic booms which are 3 panels wide each, which are capable of passing through obstacles. Each sonic boom has a different element - Wood, Elec, and Fire, and inflicts (10 x Buster) damage.
  • LFB: Czar Delta Breaker (Kaiser Delta Breaker)
    • Mega Man charges up the power of the three OOPArts, then unleashes it in a wave of energy that covers his column and both adjacent columns. It hits with each element 3 times, totalling 9 hits.

Battle Card


King Grandeur

King Grandeur (キンググランジャー Kingu Guranjā) is a promotional Mega Class Battle Card that could be obtained for a limited time in events and DS Download Station. It summons Tribe King to attack all panels ahead with fire pillars and shurikens, and finishes with the Sword of Zerker.

Battle CardDescriptionAttackElement
BC SF2 KingsGrandeurKngGrndeur TrbKng apprs field surges continuously120 BC Element Null None


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