Tricastle, known as Trio de Toride (トリオデトリデ Torio De Toride) in Japan, is a mini-boss in Mega Man 10, found in Blade Man's stage. It is a castle made up of three sections; a large, center gate with two towers on each side. Each section has a hole where a pair of eyes can be seen peeking out, which is also the weak spot of each section. Shoot this area on all three sections to destroy Tricastle.

The gate opens and closes, releasing platforms with spiked edges while it's open. These platforms are used to reach the other two towers. Once the gate is destroyed, it will remain open and continue to release platforms. The two towers are equipped with turrets that shoot at Mega Man. Once the eyes are destroyed, the turrets will be disabled. When all three sections are destroyed, the castle will humorously raise a white flag of surrender and slowly collapse.

The speed of the spiked platforms increases with each difficulty level.


Using Solar Blaze is effective against the two taller towers as it can strike both with a single shot. Rebound Striker is also effective, as it can be fired diagonally without using the spiked platforms. The Water Shield's projectile range allows it to strike multiple parts of the castle at once. Also, if using Bass, the Bass Buster can fire straight upward, making the battle much easier than with the other playable characters. The Ballade Cracker does considerable damage as well and can be aimed at the towers easily.


  • Toride means fortress in Japanese.
  • Its method of defeat was similar to the Super Mario Bros franchise when Mario completes a level.

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