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Tripropellan (トリプロペラン Toripuroperan) is a flying enemy in Mega Man 7 that shoots from its three guns and drops bombs. When destroyed, its propeller just flies upwards. They appear in the stages of Junk Man, Burst Man, Cloud Man and Spring Man, and in some Wily Castle stages.

In Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Tripropellan is the Wily Machine's support in the "Rescue Roll!" course.


Monopellan (モノペラン Monoperan), unlike the Tripropellan, has a single gun that can move instead of three fixed. They also cannot drop missiles. In Mega Man & Bass, it also carries the item it drops when defeated along with its rising propeller, making the item hard to retrieve unless the player catches it before if flies away.

Similar enemies

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