Tsurare Stamp (ツラレスタンプ Tsurare Sutanpu) is a large enemy from Mega Man 10 that tries to stomp enemies. They appear in Chill Man's stage, Commando Man's stage, Wily Castle 1, Wily Castle 2, Wily Castle 3, Special Stage 1 and Special Stage 3. On Hard Mode, they also appear in the stages of Blade Man, Nitro Man and Solar Man.

The Chill Spike works well as it will stop the Tsurare Stamp in its tracks. But, whilst it is frozen, it is still affected by gravity, so you are not able to walk under it while it is frozen (as you could do with the Big Eyes in Mega Man 1). However, like in Mega Man 1, you can switch to a different weapon while it is frozen. The Triple Blade works well as it scores multiple hits with one shot.


  • If Tsurare Stamp jumps while the player is standing, its jump will be a short hop. If the player is airborne when it jumps, its jump will be a soaring leap.
  • Both the Tsurare Stamp and the three playable characters can break ice blocks in Chill Man's stage in two hits. This means that the Tsurare Stamp is not very dense (or vice versa).

Similiar enemies

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