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Tubamail-S (ツバメール・S Tsubamēru S) is a swallow-like Mechaniloid originally created for mail delivery, but Mavericks remodeled it as a missile and it appears as an enemy in Mega Man X2 and Mega Man Xtreme. They emerge from Tubamail Generators or gaps in the ceiling in Wheel Gator's stage, and will try to kamikaze into X.

As they fly at high speed, dashing under them may prove to be easier than jumping over or trying to destroy them with X-Buster shots. All Special Weapons are very effective on them, except the Crystal Hunter.

They are also one of the enemies summoned by the Sigma Virus.

Tubamail-S also appeared alongside the Sigma Virus in Dragon Poker, where it was named "Tubamail" without the "S" in the end of the name.

Tubamail Generator

Tubamail Generator (ツバメールジェネレーター) is a large machine that deploys Tubamails-S. They mainly appear in Wheel Gator's stage, but they also appear in third X-Hunter Stage. As they quickly generate Tubamails-S at a height they are able to hit X, it is recomended to either quickly destroy or jump over and ignore them.

They are weak to Bubble Splash and Speed Burner, as well as to Sonic Slicer. As at many times they are placed in a way X's normal shots can't hit them, a good use of the Speed Burner or X's charge shots are the key to eliminate them.

Other Media

A Tubamail-S appears in the Rockman X2 manga trying to take down a rebellious Zero. More are later seen during Wheel Gator's attack on the city, alongside Disk Boy 08s, and Tiranoses.



The name Tubamail-S is derived from tsubame (swallow in Japanese) and mail.

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