"Create a sub-zero blizzard around yourself, damaging any enemies inside. Try it with the Power Gear active for a massive blizzard that covers the screen!"
Mega Man 11 description (Mega Man)

Tundra Storm (ツンドラストーム Tsundora Sutōmu) is Tundra Man's Special Weapon in Mega Man 11. With this weapon, Mega Man is able to damage any enemies directly above and below him by shooting out a large column of snow and cold air. Larger enemies are frozen solid by this attack, and smaller ones are destroyed instantly.

Using this weapon with the Power Gear turns it into a full-screen attack, emitting an icy blast that damages everything onscreen.

If used in the air, Mega Man will hover for a brief second.

As with all of the Mega Man 11 Special Weapons, Tundra Storm gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than simply swapping his colors. The Head Gear is a deep blue helmet with ice crystals that slightly resembles Tundra Man's, and the Arm Gear is a larger buster made to look like a freeze ray.

This weapon is the weakness of Torch Man.




  • Tundra Storm shares a name with one of Zangief's special moves in Street Fighter V, another franchise owned by Capcom.
    • However, unlike the Street Fighter variation, Tundra Storm (in the classic Mega Man series) is an elemental attack rather than a melee attack. 
  • This weapon can freeze over the wall of fire that chases you in sections of Torch Man's stage. This is especially helpful during later iterations of the obstacle.
  • Although it's an ice-based weapon, Tundra Storm can also be considered an air-type weapon since it visually resembles a cyclone.
    • This makes Tundra Storm one of the few Special Weapons in the franchise to combine two different elemental types together.
  • Unlike all other weapons in Mega Man series, the color of Mega Man's armor doesn't match the weapon energy bar's color; despite Mega Man being violet when wielding Tundra Storm, the energy bar is light cyan.
Star Force Classic

Placeholder Design

  • Before Tundra Storm's official reveal, a photo of Mega Man using Tundra Storm with the Power Gear had been leaked back when Mega Man 11 was first announced, Tundra Storm's form having a design similar to Star Force Mega Man as a placeholder. Since there was no information about Tundra Storm at the time, many fans speculated that the form in the photo was meant to be a reference to Mega Man Star Force.[1]

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