Tundra Storm is Tundra Man's weapon in Mega Man 11.  With this weapon, Mega Man is able to destroy any enemies directly above and below him by shooting out a large column of snow and cold air.

Using this weapon with the Power Gear turns it into a full-screen attack, emitting an icy blast that damages everything onscreen.

As with all of Mega Man 11's Special Weapons, Tundra Storm gives Mega Man new Head Gear and Arm Gear that alters his physical appearance when equipped, rather than simply swapping his colors.  The Head Gear is a deep blue helmet that slightly resembles Tundra Man's, and the Arm Gear is a larger buster made to look like a freeze ray.


  • Tundra Storm's normal form is similar to Storm Tornado in its charged form, as both generate vertical shafts of air that deal heavy damage to enemies.
  • Before Tundra Man's reveal, many fans speculated that Mega Man's armor while using Tundra Storm was meant to be an homage to Mega Man Star Force.
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