Tunnel Rhino, known as Screw Masaider (スクリュー・マサイダー) in Japan, is a Rhinoceros-based Reploid from Mega Man X3. Formerly he worked as a miner in an Energen Crystal mine, but upon going to Dopple Town by invitation he became a Maverick. Now under Doppler's orders, he occupies a rock quarry and uses his drilling weapon, Tornado Fang, for destructive purposes.


Tunnel Rhino's main weakness is Acid Burst, but it takes practice to wield properly and Rhino is invincible while he flashes. Zero, in Mega Man Xtreme 2, can easily take him on with Earth Gaizer.

  • Charge 1 (突進 1): Tunnel Rhino charges forwards in an attempt to smash into the player.
  • Charge 2 (突進 2): Tunnel Rhino charges forwards, his body flashing rainbow colors. He is invulnerable during this attack and moves much faster, but will only use it at low health.
  • Tornado Fang (トルネードファング): Rhino launches out the drills from his arm buster and shoulders.
  • Drill Missile (ドリルミサイル): Rhino fires three drills. They start in a formation of one above the other, and the middle drill will go first and then both the last two drills go simultaneously.


Mega Man X3 stats

  • Height: 315 cm (10'4")
  • Weight: 280 kg (617 lbs)
  • Power: 4200rp
  • Speed: 8000rp


Main article: Quarry Stage

Other Media

Rockman X

In Rockman X3 manga, Tunnel Rhino confronted X, Zero, and Dr. Cain when they visited a construction site, but he was easily defeated by the duo. Dr. Doppler then appeared and attempted to power up Tunnel Rhino by encasing him in a viral cocoon, but X and Zero manage to defeat him, reverting him to his original state and left unconscious. He was later hired as a Maverick Hunter, and alongside Blast Hornet, Neon Tiger, and Blizzard Buffalo, assisted X and Zero in their battle against Bit and Byte.

Archie Comics

Tunnel Rhino is one of the many Mavericks of the X series who appeared in Worlds Unite, having been cloned by Sigma. He and his comrades attacked the Sky Patrol, with Tunnel Rhino engaging Big the Cat, before departing to plant Unity Engines on other worlds by traveling through Genesis Portals.



  • Tunnel Rhino's Japanese name "Masaider" (マサイダー Masaidā) is a double pun of "磨砕だ!" (Masaidā, lit. "To grind!") and the Maasai tribes of Kenya (Tunnel Rhino's color scheme is heavily inspired by traditional Maasai colors). Additionally, sai (犀 / サイ) is the Japanese word for rhinoceros.


Drill Head Cannon

  • Tunnel Rhino is one of only three Mavericks (the others being Ride Boarski and Dark Mantis) weak to Zero's Giga Attack that doesn't exhibit the ability to fly.
  • Tunnel Rhino is one of the six Mavericks of the X3 chapters of the manga Rockman X to survive and reform.
  • In the game Mega Man X DiVE, the weapon Drill Head Cannon, known as Masai Launcher (マサイランチャー Masai Ranchā) in Japanese, is based on Tunnel Rhino. The weapon fires a small drill similar to the ones launched from Tunnel Rhino's shoulders.