Twin Cannon (ツインキャノン Tsuin Kyanon) is an enemy in Mega Man 5, appearing in Gyro Man's Stage and Wave Man's Stage, as well as the first section of Proto Man's Castle and the final two stages of Wily Castle. Each of its two cannons serves a different purpose—the bottom cannon attacks with ordinary buster-like shots, and the top one utilizes a defensive shot that can cancel out an uncharged Mega Buster shot or other non-continuous projectile. The bottom cannon fires at regular intervals, but the top cannon only fires when Mega Man does, and only if the attack in question can hit the Twin Cannon.

Two Twin Cannons appear in Mega Man for the Game Gear, one appearing at the end of Wave Man's stage, with the other one appearing at the end of Wily Castle, guarding the teleporter that warps the player to the final confrontation against Wily Capsule.

Hits Data Chart

Amount of shots/hits from Special Weapons it takes to destroy a Twin Cannon.

Mega Man 5
Mega Buster Gravity Hold Water Wave Power Stone Gyro Attack Star Crash Charge Kick Napalm Bomb Crystal Eye Super Arrow Beat
2:2:1 2 2 2 2 2:2 2 2 2:2 2 2


  • In both Gyro Man's and Wave Man's stages, one Twin Cannon appears right to the left of the shutter.
  • Every weapon (except fully-charged Mega Buster) needs two hits to destroy a Twin Cannon.