Twin Devil (ツインデビル Tsuin Debiru) is the boss of Wily Castle 3 in Mega Man 9. Like its Devil counterparts, it is composed of individual globs of "jelly" and a single eye. The jelly move around the screen, damaging the opponent on contact. Unlike other Devils, this is its only attack. However, the battle is made more difficult by the fact that the Twin Devil is actually two separate entities, one green sphere and one orange sphere. The sphere with the eye begins on the bottom right while the other begins in the top left. The globs break into 12 pieces and switch places one by one, some moving high, some moving low. After they have completely switched locations, they switch heights (the devil with the eye lowers and the devil without the eye rises). The only way to damage the Twin Devil is to damage the electronic eye as it moves between the two devils. It is difficult to damage the eye, but the Black Hole Bomb is extremely effective against the devil, and the nature of the weapon makes it very easy to hit.



Twin Devil concept art

  • Twin Devil's two bodies are colored yellow and green, possibly as an homage to the Yellow Devil and the Green Devil from previous games.

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