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Tyrine (ティアリーン) is a sub-boss Mechaniloid from Mega Man Zero 4. It appears in Sol Titanion's stage, Artificial Sun. It has eight GlassCannons orbiting around it.


GlassCannon (グラスキャノン) is the name of the eight Mechaniloids that move around Tyrine. They attack by shooting shots all at once at Zero.

Tractor Shot is extremely useful to deal with them, as the weapon can absorb the projectiles and can also deal a good amount of damage to them. Some other weapons can destroy them quickly too.


Tyrine can be a difficult sub-boss due to its high amount of HP and its damage output. Furthermore, it is protected by the GlassCannons that provide both offence and defence to it, making it a clear threat to beginners. Its only attack is firing energy shots at Zero in a pattern. If all the GlassCannons are destroyed, it will fire energy shots indefinately and in all directions. This is a very dangerous attack, but can be avoided by either finding gaps in the shots, or wall dash jumping over Tyrine when the shots circle.

Its weakness is electricity, so Tractor Shot is useful in its battle. The Z-Saber works too.


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