Solo and Laplace

Solo and the UMA Laplace.

UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal) are ancient EM Beings of the mythical continent Mu based on cryptids. They are created by the EM Wave God - Le Mu, which can create endless amount of the UMAs. In Mega Man Star Force 2, the UMAs are used by Lady Vega, aside from Laplace, who is Solo's Wizard and issued by Hyde when he gives a certain person an Ancient Star Carrier. Most of the UMA were guardians of the continent Mu before it's fall.

List of known UMAs

Phantommug Phantom is a ghost-like UMA, therefore its name. It is a Mu tactician given to Hyde to EM Wave Change into Dark Phantom. This is the only UMA given directly to a human by Dr. Vega.
SF2YetiMug Yeti is an UMA named after the same rumored creature, which is also known as "Abominable Snowman". It is a powerful Mu soldier used by Rich Dotcom to EM Wave Change into Yeti Blizzard, using the power of snow and having superhuman strength.
SF2PlesioMug Plesio is an UMA based on the mythical Loch Ness Monster, which can EM Wave Change with Gerry Romero to become Plesio Surf, an water monster which can create huge tidal waves and flood an large area. A servant of Mu, it appears that one of Plesio's duties was espionage.
SF2CondorMug Condor is an bird-shaped UMA, which was given to the shaman Osa Agame to EM Wave Change into Terra Condor, the only person to obtain an UMA for a good purpose, but he was misdirected. Condor was the Mu lookout, watching it from the sky.
SF3LaplaceMug Laplace, the last EM Being from Le Mu being awakened. Laplace is the most different UMA, which doesn't fuse its owner, Rogue because he can do it by himself, but instead becomes a weapon. It is possibly named after the mathematical transformation of the same name, and arguably Laplace's demon.


  • Besides humans, UMAs can also use EM Wave Change with Murians.
  • Apollo Flame is also a creation of Le Mu, however he was based on a Greek deity, not an ancient animal, therefore he isn't in the list. However Laplace is still counted.
  • It is unknown if Le Mu could manipulate Laplace and Apollo Flame, since they're both Mu EM beings awakened after its destruction.

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