Ulfat Factory (ウルファト生産工場) is a location from Giga City in Mega Man X: Command Mission located southwest of Central Tower, in Point A6. The area is a factory powered by magma that produces Mechaniloids and Reploids for mining and other tasks. After the Rebellion uprising, the factory changed to produce combat Mechaniloids, which include Preons produced by Duboar.

When X heard from Colonel Redips that Zero may be still alive, he goes to the factory to search him, finding Zero and Axl, who was in the island to search for clues about his origin.


Area Description Item Boxes
Smelting Furnace 1
The entrance of the factory. There are Sinedroppers standing in some rooms that, when the room's lights become red after three beeps, fly to another part of the room and can detect movement in the area, triggering an alarm if X moves during this time or is below the spot they land. There is one area with lava where fire-based enemies like Fire Glob appear, and has a broken Rush Loader that can be repaired with a Mini Battery to be used in the Deployment Center. Fire Guard
Figure Token
Figure Token
Build LE
Ultra Blizzard
Smelting Furnace 2
Like Smelting Furnace 1, has rooms with Sinedroppers and one area with lava. There is a broken Einhammer for deployment that requires a Ball & Chain Hammer to work. Tank Parts
Figure Token
Figure Token
Tank Energy 50
Build WE
King of Hearts
Smelting Furnace 3
Axl meets with X in this area and he joins the group. The area has a Save Device. Build Speed
Boost Speed
Tank Energy 50
Aero Buster
Mini Battery
Freight Check Line
A small area. None
Parts Intake Line
Area with several conveyor belts and Preon guards. The direction of the conveyor belts can be changed with the control panels. 1000z
WE +5
Tank Energy 25
Gain Hyper
Parts Delivery Line
Like the Parts Intake Line, has many conveyor belts and security guards. Figure Token (8x)
Freight Lift
Area with a Save Device. When X enters the room, there are eight broken security Reploids defeated by Zero, two of them having a Fire Guard and an Ice Missile. The Reploids disappear when the chapter is completed. The area also has a broken Killer Mantis for the Deployment Center. None
Computer Room
Room between the two Freight Lifts and the Computer Room Corridor. Build Shield
Build Armor
Hunter Missile
Freight Lift 2
A lift to the Assembly Line Monitor Room. None
Assembly Line Monitor Room
(製造ライン モニタールーム)
Zero fights against the responsible for the factory, Mach Jentra, but he has trouble against him. X and Axl appear and save Zero, and he joins the party. Build Power
Computer Room Corridor
A corridor to the main computer, Duboar. Tank Energy 100
Tank Energy 100
Gain Hyper
Main Computer "Duboar" The Maverick Hunters face Mach Jentra in this room. After his defeat, Duboar went berserk and began to produce several Preons, but they manage to shutdown the factory. None



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