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MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 40 (37)
Air date July 10, 2004 (Japan)
November 29, 2005 (America)
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Go to Hell by Train?!
Mysterious Masked Navi (Dub)
Opening Theme Futatsu no Mirai
Ending Theme Hikari Todoku Basho

Underground Hero, known as Hero of the Earth's Bowels (そこ英雄えいゆう Chi no Soko no Eiyū) in Japan, is the 40th episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior Axess anime. In the English dub, it is the 37th episode. It features the debut of Morozov and Malenkov.


A Dimensional Area was set up in the Rare Metal mine of Sharo and occupied by Nebula. Lan and MegaMan head for Sharo to repel Nebula. Raika goes to the mine as a guide, but when Lan tries to enter the Dimensional Area with Cross Fusion, Raika forces himself to enter the Dimensional Area with him. It seems that Raika's is acting against his orders for some reason, but he does not explain why. A large amount of viruses and FridgeMan appear there and attack Lan and Raika.


The opening scene is in a large rare metal mine in Sharo. Morozov is pawing at the ground. A worker laughs, commenting that the smart canine knows that there is rare metal underneath the ground, and mentions that he is known to the country as a hero.

Suddenly, it comes to attention of another worker that a Dimensional Area is building around the mines. Realizing that they will be trapped inside, the worker calls for everyone to come out. Unfortunately, Morozov is still in the barrier after it fully materializes. FridgeMan then comes within the Dimensional Area, and claims the mine as his own.

Meanwhile, in DenTech City, Lan is busily gulping down store free samples, not knowing that it is polite to only take one of each. He ignores MegaMan's explanation of the chivalry, but then is grabbed by two agents that drop him off right in front of his father, Mr. Famous, and Manuela outside. They explain that he is needed in Sharo immediately. Manuela elaborates to him on the plane of the takeover of the rare metal mine, and that a possible explanation for it could be that Nebula wanted to create more dark chips. Lan and MegaMan both happily accept the mission of stopping FridgeMan.

Several NetPolice agents from Sharo await his arrival, including Raika. Lan and Manuela has a meeting with Raika and the chief of the NetPolice of Sharo, Malenkov. Raika then unexpectedly asks the chief to not ignore another mission, stating that he wants to save someone. However, the chief merely responds to Raika that he will face punishment if he does anything else other than his assigned mission of guiding Lan to the mine.

Outside, Lan asks Raika about the strange request, but the older net saver brushes him off. Instead, Lan then asks about the orderly nature of the residents of Sharo. Raika relates of the recent poverty of the country until the discovery of the rare metal mine, and that following orders was the key to survival in the harsh, cold climate.

They arrive close to the Dimensional Area. MegaMan explains to Lan that since the barrier is so large, it must regenerate at times in order for it be able to stay up. Raika asks SearchMan about the plan he had talked to Chief Malenkov about. His Navi is quite surprised, since Raika had never asked for his opinion before. However, he says to his NetOp that he would follow him even if they were completed with their assigned mission, since he is his NetNavi, which Raika is grateful for.

Raika gets Lan up to speed so that he can enter the Dimensional Area via Cross Fusion. SearchMan helps Raika with the timing of jumping onto Lan from the vehicle they were on, so that he can also enter the barrier while it is regenerating. After they are inside, Lan and MegaMan question Raika why he had disobeyed the order from Chief Malenkov, but once again, Raika refuses to give a direct answer. 

Fridgman appears and some mining machinery attacks the two Net Savers. Lan jacks MegaMan into one of them, and then Raika calls for Lan to come into a rail cart. Unfortunately, they come across a broken track. SearchMan arrives too late to the control center to switch the tracks around, but Megaman catches them with another machine after they fall where the track was broken.

In the Cyberworld, SearchMan is frustrated at having yet again lost FridgeMan after locating him with his scanning ability. He then realizes a way to find FridgeMan. The Darkloid is quite pleased with himself as he keeps on moving from the Cyberworld, to the human world inside the Dimensional Area, thinking that SearchMan would never discover where he is.

Raika leads Lan through the mines. Lan is surprised that he seems to know the way quite well, after which Raika responds that he had often played in the mines when he was younger. During a break, Raika explains that a hero had found the mines, helping Sharo's rise from poverty. He tells of his plan to rescue the hero, who had been trapped inside the Dimensional Area.

Some substantiated viruses appear, and they run, with Raika using a smokescreen to help with their getaway. He then leads Lan to the break room in the mine, where they find the hero, Morozov. Lan is very surprised that the hero is a dog. Raika explains that Morosov was the one to find the rare metal, and that he is his best friend. Morosov had routinely greeted the miners in the break room, and so Raika had surmised that he would be there, waiting for the miners again.

FridgeMan then comes, but Lan and Megmman quickly Cross Fuse, and engage in battle with the darkloid. FridgeMan winds up injured and escapes to the cyber world. Raika tells them that there is no need for MegaMan to follow him. They watch as SearchMan, who had simply stayed in the same place, waiting for FridgeMan to return, injures the darkloid enough for him to retreat. The Dimensional Area then dissipates from around the mine.

Chief Malenkov thanks Lan for saving both the mine, and Sharo. Lan then asks the chief to take in consideration that Raika had wanted to save Sharo's hero, and the chief relents in the punishment, only stating that Raika is forbidden from having dessert for a month and a half. Lan is then surprised to discover that the net police chief of Sharo is Raika's uncle.

At one of Sharo's stores, Lan attempts to ignore the free samples around him due to Raika's punishment, but is frustrated that there are samples with curry in them.


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  • The scenes where Malenkov explains the beneficial uses of Rare Metal and FridgeMan hits Morozov were cut in the English dub. Raika's punishment is also changed from a month to a month and a half.