Underground Hero (地の底の英雄 Chi no Soko no Eiyuu) is the fourtieth episode of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. It first aired in Japan on July 10, 2004.


A Dimensional Area was set up in the Rare Metal mine of Sharo and occupied by Nebula. Lan and MegaMan head for Sharo to repel Nebula. Raika goes to the mine as a guide, but when Lan tries to enter the Dimensional Area with Cross Fusion, Raika forces himself to enter the Dimensional Area with him. It seems that Raika's is acting against his orders for some reason, but he does not explain why. A large amount of viruses and FridgeMan appear there and attack Lan and Raika.





Battle Chips


  • The scenes where Malenkov explains the benefic uses of Rare Metal and FridgeMan hits Morozov were cut in the English dub.

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