Uptown, known as Lakeside Park (レイクサイドパーク Reikusaido Pāku) in Japan, is an area from Kattelox Island in Mega Man Legends located to the west of Downtown.


KTOX TV Studio


KTOX TV studio.

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The KTOX TV Studio. Mega Man can participate in three Mini Games here.

Kattelox Hospital



The Kattelox Hospital (カトルオックス病院) is a large white building with an injection-like appearance. One of the few patients in the hospital is a girl named Ira, who has a problem on her leg and can't walk. If Mega Man talks with the nurse taking care of her in room 305, she will say that if the hospital had more modern equipment, Ira could be cured. Mega Man than can make a donation of 15000 Zenny to Amelia in City Hall to improve the hospital's equipment. With the new machines, Ira becomes able to walk again. Knowing Mega Man gave the money for the upgrades, Ira gives him the item Flower Pearl as thanks.

In one part of the game, the stomach of Anna, a pregnant woman, will hurt while she is in the Cardon Forest, and Mega Man can bring her to the hospital. Her husband will run to the hospital to see her, and after leaving and returning to the hospital, he will give the item Sun-light for Mega Man as thanks and says he will close the Bronte Vegetable Store for a while to stay with her.

Kattelox Art Museum



The Kattelox Art Museum (カトルオックス美術館) opens when Mega Man helps the curator finish her painting of Uptown's hospital. The museum has two floors, the first floor having an art gallery and the second an exhibition hall. As Mega Man is a Digger, the curator asks him to show her objects he finds underground to be evaluated and put on display. With the new exhibitions, the number of visitants increase, and when all eight exhibitions are present, one of the visitants will give the item Prism Crystal for Mega Man.

Mega Man's exhibitions

ExhibitionItemMuseum description
MMLMuseumBone Ancient Digging Tool
Bone Stick)
Old Bone Discovered in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate. Appears to be made of animal bone.
MMLMuseumFirePot Fire Pot
Old Heater Pot of mysterious origin found in the Yass Plains. Named for its resemblance to a hibachi.
MMLMuseumHumanDoll Human Doll
Old Doll Found in the Cardon Forest Sub-Gate. Believed to have been made by a Reaverbot, modeled after a human.
MMLMuseumKatteloxBell Kattelox Bell
Antique Bell Found in the Clozer Woods Sub-Gate. Named for its bell-like shape.
MMLMuseumGiantHorn Giant Horn
Giant Horn Believed to be the horn or fang of an animal-shaped Reaverbot. Often found in rocky areas above ground.
MMLMuseumFossil Crystal Fossil
Shiny Object Grade Three National Treasure. Fossilized remains of a dead Reaverbot.
MMLMuseumShield Antique Shield
Old Shield Grade Two National Treasure. Apparently used by Reaverbots for protection.
MMLMuseumReaverbotEye Reaverbot Eye
Shiny Red Stone Grade One National Treasure: found in the Main Gate. As the name indicates, believed to be the eye of a giant Reaverbot.

Other exhibitions



YAG school.

Yoyogi Animation Gakuin (代々木アニメーション学院), YAG for short, is a Japanese animation school that only appears in the PlayStation version of the game. Mega Man can't enter the building. Examining the pamphlet near the door or talking with the girl in front of the building will grant the player the telephone number of the school, 0120-310-042.

In the English version of the game YAG was changed to a computer game school, and the girl says she wants to make cool games like Resident Evil.

Wily's Boat


Wily's boat house.

Wily's Boat is a boat house in Lake Jyun. The Bonne Family stole all boats expect for one that was broken. To reach the Lake Jyun Sub-Gate, Mega Man asks Roll to fix the boat, and Wily allows them to use his boat for free.



Entrance to a Sub-City.

Uptown has two residential houses in the area and an entrance to one of the three Sub-Cities.



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