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[[Category:Robots whose maker is unknown]]
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[[Category:Robot Masters without a Netnavi Counterpart]]
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Uranus (ウラノス) is one of the second four Stardroids in Mega Man V. He has a bull-like appearance and is the Stardroid with greatest physical strength. Uranus uses his brute physical strength to attack with Deep Digger, which involves lifting boulders up from the ground to throw them at enemies. He can also stomp the ground to cause great tremors that can be deadly, as it can close off an entire half of the room and crush enemies. His weakness is the Break Dash.


Mega Man & Bass CD data


With the weapon called Deep Digger, he can lift blocks and throw them at enemies.
"Take this, loser!"
Good point: Bull
Bad point: Beastie
Like: Runs too fast
Dislike: Bullfighter

Japanese CD data:

Good point: Athletic form
Like: Overturning a table in anger
Dislike: Red flags

Stage enemies


Enemies in Uranus' stage.


  • Uranus is named after the planet Uranus, which is named after the Greek deity of the sky.
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