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BH is back in action! I was left handless while I was gone, but I'll do my best.

I'm Blaze Heatnix. I hope to be an active member, unlike most of the guys here. I also hope to bring most of the pages up to suitable standards, unlike most of the pages here. Yeah.

I own the following Mega Man stuff:

  • Games:
    • Mega Man Classic: 2, 4, 8, I, II, Anniversary Collection
    • Mega Man X: X, X4, X5, X Collection
    • Mega Man Battle Network: BN, BN2, BN4: Red Sun
    • Mega Man Zero/ZX: Zero, Zero 3, ZX
    • Mega Man Legends: "64" (Original)
  • Others:
    • Um, I watched the show as a kid...?
    • Let's face it, the games are really the only worthwhile merchandise.

My Projects

In order to expand this wiki, I've organized a few self-projects that anyone is welcome to participate in. They are all named with the most horrible puns I could come up with.

Armored Editdillo - 93%

Creating and expanding pages for every armor. My efforts so far:

Still needed:

  • Hermes Armor*
  • Asterisked pages need to be part-confirmed. Each game has its own name for the "Head, Chest, Arms, Legs" parts, such as "Helmet/Head" or "Body/Armor/Chest" or "Arms/Arm/Buster/X-Buster". They're usually named in the game.

Everything-Buster, Part I: Mavericks Weapons - 32%

This is a doozy... Creating and expanding pages for every Maverick Weapon. I've begun work on the Maverick Weapons. Maverick Weapon expanders should use the Template:XWeapon I've created so nicely. Done so far:

Still needed

No Conversational Style, Part 1: Robot Masters - 75%

I'm already sick of the puns. Wow. ...I've been working on this since the beginning, and it's almost done. Several of the Robot Master pages have little blurbs of commentary mocking the cartoon show's style. If we ever want this wiki to be respected, we'll have to remove the commentary and conversational style ("Well," stuff in all caps, "Yay", etc.).

My efforts so far:

  • All NES games

Still needed:

  • Mega Man 7
  • Mega Man 8

Untapped Legends - 0%

We have a very poor database on the Mega Man Legends series. We're going to need to fix that! I'll work on the original one.

My efforts so far:

  • None. Aren't I useful?

Following Up on What is Promised - 0%

Of all the Level Strategies pages I've seen, I've only seen a guide for the Central Highway from Mega Man X. We need to create these guides!

My efforts so far:

  • None. Aren't I useful?
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