Hey. I'm Brick. I've been an admin here for quite a long time, although I'm really quite inactive (sorry about that, everybody). I'm an amateur at being a sysop.


  • Crescent Grizzly was the first Maverick I killed(he's easier than Chill Penguin.)
  • Lost to Chill Penguin.

Current Projects

My current project is the Operation Overhaul process. Please help out.

The Show

The Show is what would happen if I was in charge of the Mega Shows and they were making them again.

The Mega Shows lasted two season and a thirteenth. It was popular, too, and many wonder what would've happened if it was continued. That's where I come in.

I'll be writing up scripts for the episodes I created. Enjoy.

Season Three: The Wily Wars

2. Three More Problems - Wily's newest creations get unveiled and wreak havoc. Can Mega Man stop them before they can succeed their goal, though?
3. Fastest In The World - Quickman shows up at Light's doorstep, asking for a race. When the stakes get high, however, Mega Man juust can't lose.
Future episodes include:

  • Gamma
  • Dr. Cossack
  • Bass
  • The rest of the Robot Masters
  • Some other stuff
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