My name is Dryuu, and I'm the same one from, a writer of Pokemon and Mega Man (mostly the Zero series) fiction. Being a Mega Man fan, having played through (and finished) the entire Zero series, and most of the X series (exception of X7, a rare game here in the Phillippines, as well as not being able to finish Command Mission). Through an emulator, I'm also trying to go through the Mega Man Classic series and Mega Man Battle Network series(so far, no luck in finishing either, yet). I've been doing some edits here for quite a while now, although sometimes I don't log in.


Personal Thoughts:

  • Reading the article on the Mega Man Zero Official Complete Works intrigues me. Why would Capcom list Zero as only missing in space? Yes, Zero is a very popular character (and my favorite, of course), but I really hope they're not going to try to revive him (again). That would ruin what I believe is the most heroic deed he's ever performed. Zero's had some other heroic moments in the past, but to me sacrificing his life to destroy Ragnarok takes the cake.
  • When I first saw the Rockman Zero commercials on youtube (the first time I learned about the series), I really thought that there was an anime based on the series (boy, had I guessed wrong...). But, in my opinion, the plot of Mega Man Zero certainly merits a chance to make it into television.

Fanfiction Work (check them out from my profile if you're curious):

  • Mega Man
    • Not What it Seems: My first (and so far, only) Mega Man serial. A fanfic showing Zero's survival at the end of Mega Man Zero 4, as well as him dealing with his dark side (the Maverick persona). The storyline reaches back even into the Classic series.
    • Z: A oneshot, but I'm proud of it no less. A short retelling of how Ciel discovered the Model W, and "reviving" the first hero that came to her mind when she wants to fight the threat.
    • From Zero, to Mega Man Hero: It's already been posted here in this site.