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Warning: Long-Time Lurker Approaches.

And by long-time, I mean for the better part of a decade. Gosh, I remember back when this was an idea being kicked around on the Rockman.EXE Online message boards. NetOperator Wibby was another guy who played with this, although he's been much more productive than me about it.

I did a smidgeon of early work, not doing much more than some cheap and nasty write-downs on a few opening articles, including Lan Hikari (and his "bouncing back" nonsense -- gah, teenage-me hated grammar) and the Undernet. Of course, it's not actually my name on the original post, since I wrote them back before the move to Wikia.

To everyone who's done so much to make this Wiki better, I wish to extend a great deal of thanks.

Now then, the games: I've played and beaten each of the main EXE games (plus Network Transmission and Battle Chip Grand Prix) and the main Star Force games. I have way too much Star Force knowledge written down for world-building projects I'm too lazy to move forward with. I've played the original MegaMan games, mainly 2, 5, 6, and 8, and I've played every Zero game, even doing the little crossover bit with Zero 3 and Battle Network 4.

I do own both Ryuusei no Rockman and Rockman.EXE Official Complete Works, though this is mitigated by the fact that I'm not fluent in Japanese.

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