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Hi! I'm Imagine-Nation! I'm kinda new to Wikia, so forgive me if I seem naive about things. Not only do I have a Wikia account, but I also have a YouTube account, one on DeviantArt, FanFiction, and a few gameplaying sites. I'm not on Wikia much, but I'm on YouTube, DeviantArt and FanFiction 24/7, though I'd prefer it if you would message me on YouTube. Don't ask why. I don't add pages except on fanon wikis, so on canon wikis I just correct grammer and writing. Anyway, enough blabbing!

My fan characters

I have a lot of OCs, most of them are Mega Man. Just so you know, my Pokemon OC is based in the anime-verse since I don't like the manga (Or any manga for that matter) and the games... Are okay I guess. The anime is awesome though. Anyway, if you wanna how many OCs I have... I've got eleven. Two are Sonic the Hedgehog, one is for Pokemon, one if for Vocaloid, and seven are Mega Man (Most of them are paired with somebody, but no, I'm not a romance kinda gal). I'll list them later. I dunno what else to put on here, so... yeah. I think I'll be going now. See ya!

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