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(Sloppy) To-Do List:


abc: Completed

abc: In Progress

Virus Pages

-Upload all missing sprites

-Make a page for every virus


-Format all charts to contain the location field

-Enter locations

-Enter the missing values for HP and Damages


-Observe viruses in game to gather info on:

-Virus damages
-Virus behavior (movements and attack patterns)
-[future] Busting Level and Chip Code correlation (for a comprehensive "Chip by Letter Code" Page)

-Refine virus descriptions based on above goals

-Add proper "Categories" to all the virus pages

-Add dropdown menus (MMBN series + MMBN1) for each virus lacking it

-Add "Trivias" to viruses where applicable

-Fix the issue of having two categories "MegaMan Battle Network 1 enemies" and "MegaMan Battle Network enemies" (Scrap one, leave the other?)

-Replace 'white background' sprites for proper 'clear background' ones

-Find and make sprites and images of RareSwordy1 and 2.

-Clean-up previously created virus pages:

-Move all chip info to a dedicated page for that chip familys
-Create "Stats by Game" Section for all viruses lacking it
-Upload sprites for each virus page lacking it
-[future] Virus attack animations

-Add more info to and stylize "Virus List" page:

-Add "Location" to every chart on "Virus Stats by Game"
-Add Chip Codes to the "Dropped" chips
-Add Virus HP/Damages whereever missing

General Goals

-Upload Battle Chips for MMBN Transmission

-Upload Battle Chips for MMBN 5

-Upload Battle Chips for MMBN 6

-Upload Battle Chips for MMBN 4.5

-Upload Battle Chips for MMB Chip Challange

-Format MMBCC Chip page (make a table/chart legend)

-Fix the Program Advance page: Reorganize; Fill in all Data; Post Pictures

-[in progress] Upload pictures of Panel types

-Upload sprites of different styles (MMBN1-3)

-Link all non EXE bosses with their EXE counterparts (some are missing the little "if you were looking for..." tab)

-Link all EXE navis to their original counterparts in the same manner.

-Work on viruses/enemies for EXE series: Create missing ones; Organize more appropriately (most likely based on game appearances); Upload pictures; Where possible, replace stationary images with animated ones;

-Work on individual chip dedicated pages (e.g. Cannon Chip): Create pages; Upload Pictures; Provide some more info;

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