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But being a WWW slave is fun!  // Numberman.EXE, Megaman Battle Network and totally mistranslated for this poor Numberman fangirl

But let's skip that creepy quote and let's get to business. I've been into Megaman since 2004, yes, only since 2004. Got a problem with that? When I turned 13 I got a 160-in-1 GBA game containing heck lots of NES games and four GBA titles. The two first NES titles (nr. 5 and 6 in the list) were Megaman 2 and Megaman (yes, they put MM 2 first). To be honest, Megaman wasn't much fun, especially since I couldn't get anywhere besides on Cutman who was the only one with a normal course. Megaman 2 on the other hand, now that's some memories. The whole can't beat Airman without Leaf Shield is of course bullsh*t, I beat him with the Rock Buster just fine on my first go. I never finished the game though, got to Dr. Wily stage 3, got a game over and never got back to him.

I don't know what really got me the idea, but I found a bunch of emulators and roms and decided to try several Megaman titles. I can't say they all charmed me cause I always have a problem with platformers. However, when I started on the Battle Network games I was pretty much hooked. Shortly after I searched for animes of the franchise and I found the EXE anime, downloaded it, watched it, loved it. I was officially hooked on the BN series.

A year later perhaps, I found copies of Battle Network 6, both versions, so I decided to buy one for the very last of my money. Having problems to pick which one, I later picked the Gregar version, because I liked Elecman.EXE and Heatman.EXE more than Aquaman.EXE and Tomahawkman.EXE.

Later on, maybe a year from now, I stumbled upon this rom named "Megaman 64". I was all "whut?" over it since I have had no idea Megaman had existed on the N64, I quickly (or at least as fast as I could) downloaded the rom and played it, oh boy did I love it. It wasn't until later I learned the series was called Megaman Legends. Legends was sure something, a Megaman platform game that I could actually play? Wow, I was impressed. Sure, the graphics wasn't the greatest, but hey, I've seen worse.

Listing of series

If I would list all the Megaman series in the order I like them (both in the playing sense and fandom wise), the list would be something like this:

  • Mega Man Legends - Oh boy, I loved this the very moment I sent of my first bullet (which didn't take long). The bots (Servbots and Birdbots) are adorable and I love the majority of the cast, so far I haven't grown to hate anybody. And it's platforms!
  • MegaMan Battle Network - It's the series I've liked the longest that I still actually like. I've played almost every title, excluding all the mobile phone games. I can't say I liked Transmission though, the bosses are way too hard.
  • Mega Man Classic - Heh, I started with this series first, but back then I didn't know much about the Classic series. It wasn't until a certain person on deviantART commented on a random Classic fanfic I had written for English class that I started to get into the Classic series, and I love her for that. Can't say I was any good in any of the games though. ^___^;
  • MegaMan Star Force - It's funnier then I thought really. The characters do have interesting designs and diving into a bunch of items is fun. 8D
  • MegaMan ZX - Okay, I can say this: I hated the voices in ZX Advent. Lame! Still a fun series. Hardly a favorite though.
  • Mega Man Zero - After playing ZX this game was a pain. No really, the controls felt awkward and I thought it was just stupid that you had to HOLD IN the damn R button to fire the second weapon. I never got very far in any of the games really. I managed to get far enough in the first so that I could fight Fefnir, but he always smeared my ass across the screen, so after 10 game over's, I gave up the damn thing. I still love the art style though.
  • Mega Man X - Hah, okay, here it comes. I like when games gets dark and stuff and that would make me love this game, right? Well, wrong! I never got into this series as much as I love to. The only boss I've actually beaten in the X series is Vanishing Gungaroo, and that barely. After being defeated by Splash Warfly 5 times (with full amount of HP and all Lives) I gave up this series .

Some of my favorite characters

  • Geek duo AKA Higure Yamitarou and NumberMan.EXE - I've grown to love these guys. They're humorous, interesting and adorable. I used to only like them, but as I spent more time thinking about them, the greater my interest for these guys grew. Now they are my favorite characters from the whole Megaman series and I would be oh so happy if I someday met someone who is just as much of a fan of these guys as I am.
  • The Bonne family - Also a bunch of characters I've grown to love. My favorite of the bunch would be Teisel Bonne, but who can withstand the Servbots? I can't. XD
  • Luna Platz - Normally I hate these kinds of characters or at least dislikes them to a certain degree, but when it comes to Luna... She has a charm, she feels reasonable for some reason and I completely rather ships Geo/Luna then Geo/Sonia.
  • The Robot Masters - Hehe, yes, all the Robot Masters. Some lesser then others, but I like them all to an extend. Personal favorite is Flash Man.

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